Polk County (Wis.) Lakes



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Polk County (Wis.) Lakes

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Polk County (Wis.) Lakes

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Polk County (Wis.) Lakes

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Balsam Lake, Wisconsin

Real-photo postcard with image of the lake at Balsam Lake, Wisconsin, of the same name. The image shows the lake and boathouses on the near shore. Text printed on verso: The Process Photo Studios -- Troy at 21st St., Chicago, Ill. Unused.

[Balsam Lake, Wisconsin, shoreline with docks and boats]

Real-photo postcard with image of part of the shoreline of Balsam Lake showing docks, boats, and several buildings, with deciduous trees. A man, looking at the camera is standing at the bottom of a stepped path down the hillside. The top half of another man is off to the far right of the photograph. Printed on Kruxo paper (name as divider used 1911-1922). Unused.

Big Butternut Lake, Luck, Wisconsin

Real-photo postcard with image of Big Butternut Lake near Luck, Wisconsin. A road runs near the lake in this scene, lawn chairs sit on the grassy incline, and the shoreline is covered with deciduous trees. Date from postmark: Aug 12, 1943; mailed from Luck Wisconsin; green 1¢ Liberty stamp. Message: Addressed to Miss Christine Green, Poynette Wisconsin "Remember this? Granddad's was all weedy but I pulled a lot of them & cut the grass. Boy! Am I sore! He doesn't even know I did it! I was afraid he might not like it!! Disappointed not see Eliz. She wanted us to come up. I'd like to stay with G. a while longer & get to see her but supose I'd better go with the car." Message is not signed.

Butternut Lake, Luck, Wisconsin

Real-photo postcard showing the shore of Butternut Lake with several houses in the distances. No indication if it is Big Butternut Lake or Little Butternut Lake. Date from postmark: 1914, the rest is not legible; green 1¢ Washington stamp. Correspondence (typed) on verso, from Arthur Spiering to his sister Elsie in Winthrop, Minn. "Luck Wisconsin. 2/1/14. My Dear Sister Elsie. Your card on hand last night and thank you very much. You are hard at work now with the studies suppose, are you still at the same place yet at Mrs. K.? How do you like the weather? It is very cold here. One time it was 28 below zero, I bet you would of frooze [sic] then don't you think so? How many valentines did you get this year, only one I got was from you, did not send any yet and do not figure on sending any, Your Brother Arthur."

Martell Lake, McKinley, Wisconsin

Real-photo postcard with image of Martel Lake, near McKinley, Wisconsin. Sitting in the forefront is a boy with his suspendered back to the camera; trees line the opposite shoreline. Date from postmark: Jul 31, 1917. Message: Addressed to Mr. John Rose, Loraine, Wisc., "July der last '17. Hello John, I spose you looked for me all Sunday dident [sic] you, but I couldent [sic] possibly get out there had co and it was so doggone hot almost roasted. we went in bathing in Bentzines Lake at night could see the blood suckers a foot long in the moonlight. I am sorry I couldn't come over. Quite a rain storm we had hey what?? Roy [or Ray] Olson."

Morning dip, Hunky Dory Farm, Balsam Lake, Wisconsin

Real-photo postcard with image of Clara Lake and tree-lined shoreline, with a swimming platform in the lake and a swimmer getting ready to dive. Date from postmark: Aug 15 1928; mailed from Balsam Lake Wis; green 1¢ Franklin stamp. Message: Addressed to Mrs. D.D. Munro, 3930 Wabash, Kansas City, Missouri. "I am having a fine time swimming and fishing. How are you? Hope the baby is fine. Wish you were here. We are having the greatest time. Barbara."

Scene on Clear Lake, Clear Lake, Wisconsin

Real-photo postcard with image of Clear Lake, surrounded by trees. The lake is located in Polk County, Wisconsin, near the village of the same name. Hand-written text on front: The Nienhauser Co. Date based on postmark: Dec 4 1909; mailed from Clear Lake Wisconsin; green 1¢ Franklin stamp. Message: Addressed to Miss Anna Kohls, 743 Edmund St., St. Paul, Minn. "Hello Anna, Arrived here safe, am having a fine time. Be good. C.A.K." Also at the bottom: "S.W.A.K." C.A.K. was Anna's future husband, Charles Albert Kuehnemund.