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Mark Wyman papers

  • US ARC ARC 2020.001
  • collection
  • 2020

Research and annotated resources related to two of Wyman's publications: "The Wisconsin Frontier", published 1998 by Indiana University Press and "Kinnickinnic Country : River Falls in the forties and fifties", published in 2010 by PrintArt, with assistance from Don Richards.

Walker "Mark" Demarquis Wyman, Jr. (1939-) was born in River Falls, Wisconsin to Walker D. and Helen B. (nee ) Wyman. He attended the Ames Laboratory School on the campus of what was then called the River Falls State Teachers College (RFSTC), now known as University of Wisconsin-River Falls (UWRF), where his father served in several leadership roles.

Dr. Wyman served 35 years as a professor in the Department of History at Illinois State University and is the author of eight books and numerous essays and articles. Wyman's scholarly focus is on labor, cultural, and social history.

Mark Wyman

Habitat for Humanity records, 1994-2006

  • UWRF Series 178
  • collection
  • 1994-2006.

Habitat for Humanity is an international organization whose mission is to “eliminate poverty housing from the world by making decent shelter a matter of conscience and action. The organization's mission is to establish affordable housing, build and rehabilitate homes, and raise funds.” (Constitution, folder 3) This collection consists of the records from the UWRF Campus Chapter of Habitat for Humanity. The chapter was a part of the broader Habitat for Humanity group and connected specifically to the St. Croix County Habitat for Humanity organization. The students involved in this organization traveled to other parts of the country and helped build homes.

Future Teacher Institute program records, 1993-1998.

  • UWRF Series 185
  • collection
  • 1993-1998

This collection documents the Future Teacher Institute program at the University of Wisconsin River Falls. The program at UWRF began as part of a larger program, the Consortium of Minorities in Teaching Careers. The consortium was comprised of nine other universities in the early nineties to increase the recruitment of ethnic minorities into the teaching profession. The program model was developed by Judson Taylor, from California State University at Domingues Hills. Dr. Taylor became the Vice Chancellor at UWRF. The program was led by José Vega, Assistant Dean. The program at UWRF sought to improve the recruitment of Native Americans into the teaching profession. Recruiters from schools in Minnesota and Wisconsin were sought to work with and recruit students that were thought to have potential and interest in the teaching profession. The Future Teacher Institute at UWRF was a two-week program where students who stayed on campus learned instructional methods the first week and the second week employed those methods by teaching elementary students that applied for the Academic Enrichment Program.

This collection is arranged into sub-series containing records of their respective programs. Consortium for Minorities in Teaching Careers, Future Teacher Institute, Academic Enrichment Program, and some records from the College of Education Teacher Education Department. This collection also contains photographs. Digital records were added as a later addition and are similarly arranged by program.

José E. Vega

Teacher Education Department records, 1990-2005.

  • UWRF Series 206
  • collection
  • 1990-2005.

Since its founding in 1874, Teacher Education has been a significant focus of the University of Wisconsin River Falls. The College of Education was formed in 1971. In 1997 the College was reorganized into the College of Education and Graduate Studies, where Teacher Education was a department within the College. Another reorganization in 2001, established the College of Education and Professional Studies.

This collection contains the administrative and curriculum development records of the Teacher Education Department (TED) at UW River Falls. The bulk of this collection contains department meeting materials and program assessments. This collection also contains some records of the College of Education and Graduate Studies

College of Education (1971-1996)

Informational Items, 1987-2000.

  • UWRF Series 202
  • collection
  • 1987-2000.

The information in these booklets includes enrollment data, student tuition, and expense comparison, an introduction, an executive summary of the University and UW System Budget, and a report on the State Building Program.

University of Wisconsin River Falls

Phi Kappa Phi records, 1987-2014.

  • UWRF 227
  • collection
  • 1987-2014.

Phi Kappa Phi is a national honorary society whose mission is to recognize and promote academic excellence in all fields of higher education and to engage the community of scholars in service to others. The Society also recognizes outstanding achievements by students, faculty, and others through various awards and through invitations to membership.

The records in this collection includes the petition to the chancellor in 1987, by-laws and member directory, a secretary manual (1987-1991), recognition of the 25th anniversary, and photographs from awards ceremonies in the 1980s.

Phi Kappa Phi

Wisconsin in Scotland Program Records, 1986-2011.

  • UWRF Series 181
  • collection
  • 1986-2011

Wisconsin in Scotland International Studies program was first offered in 1986 by the West Central Wisconsin Consortium WCWC. The cooperating universities in the consortium included UW-River Falls, UW-La Crosse, UW-Stout, and UW-Eau Claire. The program offered students a semester or year-long educational experience and cultural immersion. The program is now administered by UW-River Fall and partners with other universities across the United States.

This collection is arranged alphabetically by sub-series. Contents include, but are not limited to, correspondence newsletters and publications on the program. Dalkeith Diary Newsletter contains excerpts from staff and students about life, daily activities, and reflections. Other series include scrapbooks, yearbooks, and photographs that detail events, activities, and daily life of students participating in the program.

Office of International Education

Regional Development Institute, 1985-2000

  • UWRF Series 184
  • collection
  • 1985-2000

The Regional Development Institute, formerly the Rural Development Institute houses the Survey Research Center. The RDI Building was originally used as a UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine satellite facility. In 1986, work began on gaining funding to establish a Center for Rural Development and Education in Western Wisconsin. Funding was from the Otto Bremer Foundation of St. Paul Minnesota.

Burnett, Pierce, Polk, and St. Croix Counties biographical files, date of creation circa 1980-2019

  • US ARC ARC1999.002
  • collection
  • circa 1980-2019

Ready reference collection of subject files, historically called 'vertical files' (vertical file), arranged by county (Burnett, Pierce, Polk, or St. Croix), thereunder by name of town/city or miscellaneous subject matter deemed of historical interest. Collection is no longer being maintained or added to as of January 2020.

River Falls Area Research Center

Falconian, 1980-1984

  • UWRF Series 218
  • collection
  • 1980-1984

The Falconian, was a yearbook published by the Intra-Residence Hall Council that documents student life and activities of the early 1980s. It also includes information and photographs of hall councils.

Intra-Residence Hall Council

Annual Campus Security and Fire Reports, 1977 - Present.

  • UWRF Series 215
  • collection
  • 1977-Present

Early reports include an annual overview of department activities and initiatives undertaken by Campus Security. These reports are published to compy with federal law, the Clery Act, which requires colleges and universities to disclose certain timely and annual information about campus crime and security policies. Incident statistics include; criminal offenses, such as theft, assault, drug, and alcohol use, and other complaints brought to the police and security officers. In 2014, incidents involving fires on campus were included.

University Police, 2009

Grant's Office Department Records, 1976-1981.

  • Series 139
  • collection
  • 1976-1981.

The Grants Office was established in 1976. It grew out of a faculty committee. This collection contains several different types of grants, denials, lists of sabbatical leave recipients, and includes materials from the early 1970?s, before the Grants Office was a stand-alone entity on campus.

University of Wisconsin--River Falls. Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs. (1976)

Grant's Office Department Records, 1976-1981.

  • Series 139
  • collection
  • 1976-1981.

The Grants Office was established in 1976. It grew out of a faculty committee. This collection contains several different types of grants, denials, lists of sabbatical leave recipients, and includes materials from the early 1970?s, before the Grants Office was a stand-alone entity on campus.

University of Wisconsin--River Falls. Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs. (1976)

Intramural Sports Records, 1976-2001.

  • UWRF Series 167
  • collection
  • 1976-2001.

Intramural Sports have offered various recreational activities, programs, and events, for students to participate in physical competitive sports and other activities. This collection mainly consists of Handbooks, detailing activities offered and general rules. Also included, are photographs and records for intramural competitions that include team names, participants, and tournament winners.
2022 additions include a scrapbook of newspaper articles, advertisements, posters, and photographs from the 1980s to the early 2000s.

Campus Recreation Department

Adoptive Families of Western Wisconsin records, 1976-1993.

  • US ARC River Falls Mss EZ
  • collection
  • 1976-1993

Records of the Adoptive Families of Western Wisconsin consisting of newsletters, brochures, chapter information, and by-laws. Also included are financial records, grants, meeting minutes, and the treasurer's report. Records are also included documenting the organization's name change from OURS of Western Wisconsin to Adoptive Families of Western Wisconsin in 1986.

Auxiliary Services Weekly Newsletter, 1975-1988.

  • UWRF Series 52
  • collection
  • 1975-1988.

This series includes a weekly publication by the Office of Auxiliary Services. It included activities and events that were held throughout the week. It served as a vehicle for news of interest to students, and the university community for information on events and services. The publication was originally called The Auxiliary Scene in the fall of 1975, after a few months it was retitled The Campus Scene. In 1978 it again changed names to Bed Board & More. There are no copies of the years 1985-1987, and only one edition for 1988.

University of Wisconsin -- River Falls. Office of Auxiliary Services. (1973.)

Hudson High School yearbook photographs

  • US ARC ARC 2017.029.002
  • collection
  • 1972

A collection of photographs (16 pages and 2 loose) pasted onto contact paper that appear to have been the working copies for publication in True Blue, Hudson High School's annual yearbook. |b The original folder was labeled "1972 graduation". At the time of cataloging, the published issue of the 1972 True Blue yearbook was unavailable for comparison.

Hudson High School (Wis.)

University of Wisconsin-River Falls Oral History Project interviews, 1969-circa 1996.

  • US ARC River Falls Mss AW
  • collection
  • 1969-1996

Transcripts of interviews primarily concerning the history of Wisconsin's St. Croix Valley conducted with residents of the area. Initially gathered in a federally funded project directed by Patrick B. Nolan of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls Department of History, the project was later funded by the Area Research Center and the History Department directly. Interviews concern pioneer farming, railroading, steamboating, logging, newspapers, early medicine, and early education as well as contemporary politics, academic affairs, environmental issues, war experiences, and other topics. A few interviews concern topics other than area history.

Hagestad Union Board - Subject Files, 1969-1992.

  • UWRF Series 131
  • collection
  • 1969-1992.

This series contains materials related to the Hagestad Union Board (HUB) including calendars; budgets; circular letters; event information; and policy documents. Hagestad Union Board sponsors such student activities as films, May Daze, Game Room activities, and Superstars. Additions to this collection in 1994 include Concerts and Lectures Subject Files with information on HUB-sponsored speakers who came to the university in 1984-1990.

Assistant Chancellor for Student Affairs

WRFW-FM radio station records, 1968-2018.

  • UWRF Series 61
  • collection
  • 1968-2018

This series contains materials related to the University's radio station, WRFW-FM, including items regarding the creation and construction of the station in 1968; programming and operation logs (1968-1971); several issues of "Forecast," the station's monthly program guide; 1973 letter from WRFW station manager Lorin Robinson to the FCC concerning an unspecified correction of FCC violations; a 1970 report to the University administration, "Radio at Wisconsin State University, River Falls," complied by Lorin Robinson; Listenership Survey Results and Explanation, conducted by a Dept. of Journalism public opinion class (1971); transmitter inspection logs (1972-74); two audio library catalogs submitted in 1974 and 1976; and miscellaneous items such as undated broadcast copy and newspaper clippings regarding the station.

University of Wisconsin--River Falls. College of Arts and Sciences. (1968)

Assistant Chancellor, General correspondence, 1965-1984.

  • UWRF Series 45
  • collection
  • 1965-1984

This series contains the general correspondence and circular letters of the Assistant Chancellor. The main duties of the Assistant Chancellor were to direct and coordinate the summer session, international study programs and to carry out special assignments at the direction of the Chancellor. Reporting to the Assistant Chancellor were college deans and graduate school. Other departments of oversight include Media Relations, Printing and Design, and the Fast Copy Center. Special assignments from the Chancellor included working on budgets for academic programs, scholarships, general admission questions, the University Press, Foundation, Alumni, minority services, and outreach programs, faculty in committee assignments, student advising, and class contacts.

University of Wisconsin--River Falls. Office of the Assistant Chancellor. (1965)

Photographic postcard collection

  • collection
  • 1962-2019

Photographic postcards mainly related to the 4-county geographic area covered by the Area Research Center, that is, Burnett, Pierce, Polk, and St. Croix Counties but also include nearby regions, including some in Minnesota. This collection is particularly strong in areas of the region directly surrounding River Falls, Wisconsin. Also includes some photographs of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls campus, sports, and related miscellany.

Otto, Kathryn

Academic Program Review Records, 1962-2009

  • UWRF Series 216
  • collection
  • 1962-2009

This collection contains academic program audits and reviews for undergraduate and graduate programs at UW-River Falls. Information includes, but is not limited to; course statistics and test results, alumni surveys, self-study tools, correspondence, and resumes of faculty.

Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

Quarter Abroad / Semester Abroad: Europe

  • UWRF Series 208
  • collection
  • 1961-2013

The Quarter Abroad program began in 1963 by Dr. Robert B. Bailey, III. The program was conceived as a special opportunity for students of the university to engage in experiential learning projects and independent travel in Europe. The duration of the program was initially a quarter of the academic year and switched to semesters after 1971. With few exceptions, the program focuses on studying in Europe. In 2004, the program name was changed to Study Abroad: Europe to emphasize this.

Bailey, Robert B.

News Bureau press releases and clippings, 1959-2000.

  • UWRF Series 49
  • collection
  • 1959-2000.

Newspaper clippings and press releases issued by the UW-River Falls News Bureau. Note: items from The River Falls Journal have been eliminated from the microfilm portion of this series.

University of Wisconsin--River Falls. Office of the Assistant Chancellor. (1959)

Pigeon Lake and Clam Lake Field Station records, 1959-2009.

  • UWRF Series 132
  • collection
  • 1959-2009

These records are from the Pigeon Lake Field Station, operated by the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. The collection contains administrative records from 1959 through 1997. Budget reports, building projects, correspondence, food service, and instructor information are included in this collection. Additionally, there are written histories of Pigeon Lake, summer class brochures, photographs, slides, programming brochures, and policy information.

Also included in the collection are early records from Clam Lake Field Station, which mainly encompass the years 1960 through 1975.

This collection is organized into six different sub-series: Academic, Administrative, Financial, Personnel, Planning, and Promotional.
The academic records include course schedules, programs for courses, and undergrad proposals. The administrative record series documents activities related to the organization of courses and research at the research stations, including correspondence, annual reports, and policy renewals. The financial records detail the funding of the field research stations, including budgets, leases, and operational purchases. The personnel series includes staffing information on the various programs held at Pigeon Lake and Clam Lake; documents include staff appointments and rosters. The planning series included any documents pertinent to the infrastructure and feedback given by students about the programs held. Records include, but are not limited to, maps, blueprints, and student surveys. Promotional materials include brochures, programs, flyers, and posters.

University of Wisconsin--River Falls. Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance. (1959)

Grassroots Political Conference, 1958-1976.

  • UWRF Series 127
  • collection
  • 1958-1976.

The Grassroots Political Conference, aimed to generate interest in political affairs, was held at Wisconsin State University River Falls from 1958 to 1976. The Department of Social Sciences organized and sponsored the program, which featured two days of lectures and debates on current political topics. The event drew politicians, business leaders, and industry experts from across the country, and it was open to the public for attendance.

This collection contains correspondence to potential speakers, brochures, programs, newspaper clippings, photographs, and other materials relating to the conference.

Department of Social Sciences

College of Education Subject files, 1958-2012.

  • UWRF Series 170
  • collection
  • 1958-2012.

This series consists of mainly reports and newsletters detailing the activities of the College of Education. Also included are materials dealing with the education conference sponsored by the college for many years.

College of Education (1971-1996)

Journalism Department subject files, 1957-1986.

  • UWRF Series 66
  • collection
  • 1957-1986.

The original collection box 1 is an artificial collection of records, consisting of a brief, early history of the Journalism Department as well as activities of the faculty, promotional material includes posters, brochures, and correspondence related to conferences and events hosted by the journalism department. Photographs are included in this collection. The 2010 additions contain administrative documents for the department, including department and committee meeting minutes, correspondence, academic audits, academic scholarships that include donation letters and correspondence, and award recipients. The annual department banquet files consist of correspondence and planning documents, scholarship award winners, banquet program, and speaker notes. The University Film Society records include correspondence, planning documents for the academic year’s film series, letters to members, member lists, series programs, and some film posters. The 2019 addition is also artificially gathered from the UWRF Vertical File and is in box 3 of this collection. These mainly included Department and Student Newsletters. Also included is a CD of digital images from the 50th-anniversary banquet of the department, donated by Michael Norman.

University of Wisconsin--River Falls. College of Arts and Sciences. (1957)

Chemistry Department Records, 1957-2007.

  • UWRF 217
  • collection
  • 1957-2007

The bulk of this collection contains records relating to the approval of the chemistry program by The American Chemical Society, Committee on professional training. Programs are reviewed every 5 years, and reports and information include, but are not limited to, program and class enrollment, curriculum materials, faculty loads, budgets, and facility information. The 1990 review materials include course materials, syllabi, and student papers.

Also included in this collection are, photographs and two videos of chemistry demonstrations from the Chemistry Family Day, building program files for Centennial Science Hall, and the guestbook from the dedication of the building. The earliest records in this collection are two ledgers of meeting materials from the Chemistry Club.

Chemistry Department

National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), 1955-1997.

  • UWRF Series 18
  • collection
  • 1955-1997.

The National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education, NCATE, an autonomous and voluntary body, was organized in 1952 for the purpose of accrediting college and university programs of teacher education in the United States. Since 1956 it has been the only national accrediting body for the field of teacher education recognized by the National Commission on Accrediting.
Included in this series are the NCATE constitution and standards, correspondence concerning the evaluation of the River Falls State University, and other materials relating to the accreditation of the school by the NCATE. This collection also includes the visiting team report and final report, granting or denying reaccreditation. Information includes, but is not limited to; program descriptions, statistics, curriculum planning, faculty preparation, student admission and retention, program planning, review, and evaluation.

Office of the Chancellor

Assistant Chancellor - Administrative Subject Files, 1953-1975.

  • UWRF Series 46
  • collection
  • 1953-1975

This series contains miscellaneous administrative files including Assembly Bill 800 establishing the College of Veterinary Medicine in 1969; draft materials relating to the 1974 centennial catalog; university mission statements (1968-1975); materials on Brotherhood Week, Campus Community Day and the annual publication luncheon for former Student Voice and Meletean employees; Salary Committee records including procedures used in awarding faculty salary increases and sample faculty rating forms (1969-70); a 1965 study on the university's image in the community conducted by journalism professor, Don Brod; and miscellaneous materials including grant proposals, travel requests and scholarship recipient lists.

Wolfe, Wayne

Newman Club records, 1952-1971.

  • UWRF Series 102
  • collection
  • 1952-1971.

Records of the Newman Club of the River Falls campus and records of the North Central Province (NCP) of the National Newman Club Federation (NNCF). The River Falls club records include minutes of meetings (1955-1971), correspondence, and information on club activities and club participation in regional, statewide, and national Newman affairs. Two scrapbooks, 1957-1970, include photographs, newspaper clippings, programs, newsletters, letters, and other materials. The North Central Province included Newman clubs in Upper Michigan and Wisconsin. It was governed by a chairman and vice-chairman for Extension, Internal Affairs, External Affairs, and Financial Affairs; and divided into regions, each headed by a director. Activities documented in the provincial records include regional and provincial conventions, campus visits by various officers, efforts to organize and encourage local clubs, and local club activities. The materials also include correspondence, reports and publications from the NNCF and from other provinces.

University of Wisconsin--River Falls. Newman Club. (1952)

Greek Life records, 1951-2011.

  • UWRF Series 203
  • collection
  • 1951-2011.

This collection is comprised of records relating to Greek societies on the River Falls campus. This collection mostly contains records of Fraternities and Sororities, at local and national levels. Also included are some academic and honor societies. Most of the Greek organizations were focused on civic involvement, leadership, and life-long friendships, others also focused on specific subject areas such as Agriculture. The records in this series include but are not limited to, constitutions and by-laws, meeting minutes, events and activities, member lists, and correspondence.

Women's Recreation Association Records,1950's-1970's.

  • UWRF Series 179
  • collection
  • 1950's-1970's.

The Women’s Recreation Association (WRA) mission was to provide “women students with the opportunity to participate in healthful recreational activities and to promote good sportsmanship and fellowship. In WRA, a woman has an opportunity for service and leadership through diverse activities.” There were numerous team and individual sports that participate in tournaments. To compete, various teams were organized and entered by sororities, residence halls, or other independent groups. Sports included; volleyball, field hockey, basketball, bowling, swimming, gymnastics, badminton, track and field, and tennis. Female faculty advisors, including Emogene Nelson, serving as advisors, instructed the WRA activities. (Information compiled from WRA brochure.)

Women's Recreation Association

First Flight-Prologue, 1949-on going.

  • UWRF Series 95
  • collection
  • 1949- on going

This collection contains two campus publications: First Flight and the Prologue. Both publications contain University of Wisconsin-River Falls students' poetry, prose, and visual art. First Flight was only published from 1949 to 1950. The Prologue began publication in 1956 and continues today.

River Falls State Teachers College. (1949)

Student voice, supplements, extras and summer sessions. 1948-1969,

  • UWRF Series 99
  • collection
  • 1948-1969

The Student Voice is a student-run newspaper that was published on a weekly basis throughout the academic year.This collection consists of daily supplemental editions to the regular publication.

Student Voice

Student Organizations, 1948-1984

  • UWRF Series 105
  • collection
  • 1948-1984.

This series consists of constitutions and by-laws; handbooks; minute books; publicity materials; and other items relating to small student organizations on the University of Wisconsin- River Falls campus that don’t have enough material to make their own series.

Public Relations Department- Scrapbooks,1947-1956.

  • UWRF Series 125
  • collection
  • 1947-1956.

This collection includes newspaper clippings from local newspapers that cover various subjects related to the River Falls Teachers College, including but not limited to, student activities, campus happenings, programs, faculty, and graduates. The Scrapbooks are arranged chronologically by year. Clipping within the books are arranged alphabetically by a paper published. These scrapbooks were compiled by Al Boeck, Director of the Public Relations Department and Journalism Instructor.

River Falls State Teachers College. (1927-1951)

Veterans Club Records, 1947-1981.

  • UWRF Series 220
  • collection
  • 1947-1981.

The Veterans Club or "Vets Club" was a student organization at the University of Wisconsin River Falls. It was a social and service organization for the benefit of student veterans. This collection includes a ledger with member names and fees due for the quarter, orientation books for members, photographs, and other ephemera materials.

Undergraduate Class Schedules, 1947-2002.

  • UWRF Series 36
  • collection
  • 1947-2002

This series contains the undergraduate class schedules for the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Schedules include program requirements; course offerings and descriptions; and admission, registration and fee information.

University of Wisconsin--River Falls. Registrar's Office

Opening Fall Faculty Meeting, 1946-2006.

  • UWRF Series 12
  • collection
  • 1946-2006.

This series contains pertinent information and general notes from the opening faculty meeting of the academic year. Also included are copies of speeches delivered by administration.

Office of the President

John W. Stayberg WWII military service correspondence

  • US ARC ARC 2022.036
  • collection
  • 1943-1944

Mainly letters (1943-1944) from mother, Karine, sent to John W. Stayberg, while serving in the military during World War II. Topics generally cover everyday activities happening around town and in life. Also includes correspondence from family and friends in the Hudson and Twin Cities metropolitan area and military colleagues, as well as any associated clippings sent with the correspondence. Also included is a short biography on Stayberg and reminiscences about how the archival collection came to be held by donor, Nancy Hawkinson (1999).

John "Bubbs" Winston Stayberg was born in Hudson, Wisconsin on May 8, 1923, the third and youngest child of Karine Marie (nee Jenson) and John Arnt Stayberg. John graduated from Hudson High School in 1941 and worked for Brown & Bigelow , a well-known printing company located in St. Paul, Minnesota, following high school. On June 30th, 1942, John W. Stayberg registered for the military draft, and was enlisted on February 4th, 1943. Stayberg served for 27 months, earning the rank of Corporal while serving with the 16th A. I. B. (Allied Intelligence Bureau), 13th Armored Division. He was reported missing in action April 30, 1945, and died from injuries sustained May 6, 1945 in Germany. Stayberg is buried at the Willow River Cemetery in Hudson, Wisconsin. [Biographical information taken from collection.]

Stayberg, John W. (1923-1945)

Association of Wisconsin Teachers Colleges, 1942-1978.

  • UWRF Series 87
  • collection
  • 1942-1978

In 1942, a chapter of the Association of Wisconsin Teachers Colleges (AWTC) was formed on the River Falls campus. The name later changed to the Association of Wisconsin State College Faculties (AWSCF), reflecting the liberal arts granting privileges in the 1950’s. In the early 1960’s, with the addition of graduate offerings at the state colleges, the name changed again, this time to the Association of Wisconsin State University Faculties (AWSUF). In 1972, after the merger of the Wisconsin State Universities and the University of Wisconsin System, the name changed to The Association of University of Wisconsin Faculties (TAUWF). The organization’s purpose is to promote the general educational welfare of UW universities and to promote the economic welfare of the faculty.

The collection contains materials from the state and local chapter levels. The acronym AWSUF is used for some folder labeling purposes, even for materials that predate that designation in Box 2.

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