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Reardon family. Papers. Blanche Reardon Cannon ; Nellyebelle Reardon Tolpo, circa 1929-1935, 2020: Biographical information, tour miscellany, and chronology of tours

  • US ARC acc. no. 2020.03.001
  • collection
  • 1929-1935, 2020

Blanche Alice Reardon (1901-1957) and Nellyebelle Reardon (1908-1989) were born on a 20-acre family farm in Kinnickinnic Township in St. Croix County Wisconsin. The youngest of eight children, the girls moved with two siblings and their mother into the Town of River Falls by 1920, where Blanche completed teacher training at the State Normal School at River Falls (now University of Wisconsin- River Falls). The sisters followed a brother to Chicago and utilized their musical and performance training to start the Reardon Sisters act. They toured Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan for a variety of audiences throughout the 1920's-early 1930s. Blanche Reardon married Charles Cannon, an intellectual property lawyer from Superior, Wisconsin in 1935 and the Reardon Sisters discontinued performances shortly thereafter. Nellyebelle married George D. Tolpo in 1942. (biographical information taken from collection)

Hudson, Justice of the Peace judgment record, 1875-1898.

  • US ARC St. Croix small series 9
  • collection
  • 1875-1898

Justice Court record showing names of plaintiff and defendant, date of judgment, damages, justice fees, court costs, executions issued and delivered to the sheriff, type of action, and dates of appeals.

St. Croix County Health Center, Wisconsin, farm records, 1953-1989. St. Croix County Health Center (Wis.) 1953

  • US ARC St. Croix series 91
  • collection
  • 1942-1990

Records documenting the management of the dairy herds, primarily its breeding and selling programs. Records include informational brochures, correspondence, awards, and financial reports. The Registered Holstein herd was started in 1917 as part of the Saint Croix County Hospital and later was administered by the St. Croix County Health Center as a publicly owned herd under the name of St. Croixco Registered Holsteins.

Rush River, Saint Croix County, Wisconsin, Highway records, 1856-1895.

  • US ARC St. Croix series 86
  • collection
  • 1856-1895

Minutes of the town board of supervisors pertaining to the laying out, altering, or vacating of town roads; giving the location of the roads, awards of damages to owners of property, arrangements made with land owners, and petitions of town residents requesting road changes.

Hudson Public Library records, 1903-1974.

  • US ARC St. Croix series 63
  • collection
  • 1903-1974

Minutes of the board of trustees, 1903-1963; circulation records, 1918-1941; financial records, 1930-1967; and accessions and withdrawals records, 1966-1974.

Hudson (Wis.). Public Library

Clerk, Hudson, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, reports and papers

  • US ARC St. Croix series 23
  • collection
  • 1857-1933

Reports and papers filed by the City Clerk including petitions, communications, and reports to the Common Council; Council resolutions and ordinances; utility franchises; copies of legislative acts, 1857-1860, chartering and amending the charter of the city; and other records.

Hudson (Wis.). Clerk

St. Croix County, Wisconsin, Circuit Court minutes, 1878-1974.

  • US ARC St. Croix series 132
  • collection
  • 1878-1974

Provides a brief summary of cases heard before the Circuit Court. Includes the names of defendants and plaintiffs as well as the judgment in each particular case.

Wisconsin. Circuit Court (St. Croix County)

Circuit Court, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, judgment books, 1851-1957

  • US ARC St. Croix series 130
  • collection
  • 1851-1957

Record of judges' decisions in civil cases. Includes names of plaintiffs, defendants, a case summary, dates of actions, and name of judge. Vols. B-Q and one volume labeled "Rule Book" (1851-1957).

Wisconsin. Circuit Court (St. Croix County)

County Court, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, index to probate case files, 1852-1950

  • US ARC St. Croix series 129
  • collection
  • 1852-1950

Name index to cases files in probate court for St. Croix County, Wisconsin. Use this index to look up the case file number associated with an individual, then use case number to find case file in St. Croix Series 128.

Wisconsin. County Court (St. Croix County)

Circuit Court, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, criminal and civil case files, 1850-1929, 1967-1985.

  • US ARC St. Croix series 113
  • collection
  • 1850-1985

Case files relating to criminal and civil cases brought before the St. Croix County Circuit Court. Cases may include complaints, summonses, warrants, motions, appeals, judgments, and orders. Criminal offenses may relate to cases such as murder, assault and battery, adultery, larceny, fornication, illegal liquor sales, vandalism, and gambling. Civil suits may involve monetary transactions, personal disputes, divorce cases, and other family court-related matters.

Wisconsin. Circuit Court (St. Croix County)

Joint School District No. 9, Town of Hammond and Town of Erin, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, Three Willows School records, 1912-1937.

  • US ARC St. Croix series 111 -- St. Croix series 112
  • collection
  • 1912-1937

Attendance register, 1920-1932, showing pupil's number and name, daily attendance, tardiness, and monthly totals; records of standing and classification showing pupils' sex, age, year in course of study, subjects studied, and teachers remarks on class; Daily Program of Study and Recitation; record of studies completed; list of graduates; and visitors record. Miscellaneous papers include work done during the 1912 school year, teacher contracts, 1934-937, and a bulletin from the state superintendent of school, 1932.

Joint School District No. 9, Town of Hammond and Town of Erin (Saint Croix County)

School District No. 3, Town of Baldwin, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, Sunnyside School records, 1891-1950

  • US ARC St. Croix series 108
  • collection
  • 1891-1950

Clerk's record book and school registers. Clerk's record book (1919-1950) contains minutes of annual and special meetings, record of treasurer's expenditures, bonds and oaths of district treasurers, and annual reports including census of pupils. School registers up to 1914 consist of separate registers for classification and attendance. Classification registers (1891-1895, 1909-1914) include names and ages of students, grades, comments on student performances, notes made by the teachers, and classes taught. Attendance registers (1901-1914) indicate names of teachers and pupils, attendance, remarks concerning the promotion and progress of students, lessons and daily schedules, and a register of visitors. Beginning in 1914, comprehensive school registers (1914-1920, 1932-1946) combine records for attendance, classification, and grades.

Hudson, Wisconsin. Clerk. Election records, 1925.

  • US ARC St. Croix Small Series 8
  • collection
  • 1925

Inspector's talley-sheet statements and statement of defective and challenged ballots from the primary and final elections held to fill the vacancy created by the death of Senator Robert M. La Follette, Sr. Talley-sheets record number of votes for each candidate.

Hudson, Wisconsin. Clerk. Poll lists, 1924-1926.

  • US ARC St. Croix Small Series 7
  • collection
  • 1924-1926

Poll lists listing name and address of voters in order of voting. Other information includes whether the voter was born in the U.S. and if not whether 2nd (naturalization) papers have been taken out.

Hudson, Wisconsin. Clerk. Register of campers, 1923-1924.

  • US ARC St. Croix Small Series 6
  • collection
  • 1923-1924

Register showing name, address, destination, auto license number, and number in party of all campers overnighting in Hudson from June 1, 1923 to July 29, 1924.

Surveyor, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, surveyor's field notes, 1851-1865.

  • US ARC St. Croix Small Series 5
  • collection
  • 1851-1865

Field notes of homesteads, proposed roads, and additional acreage for towns, etc., including description of land surveyed, date of survey, name of surveyor, for whom survey made, and legal description of area in which survey was made. ?b County Surveyors were William Anderson, 1851-1854; A. W. Miller, 1855-1856; William Bell, 1858-1859; Don White, 1863-1864; and R. A. Brown, 1865-?.

Clerk, Town of Troy, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, record book, 1858-1874.

  • US ARC St. Croix Small Series 4
  • collection
  • 1858-1874

Proceedings and reports including minutes of meetings, financial statements, resolutions, petitions, reports of district clerk, oaths of office, election results, audit reports, treasurer's report, poll list, and tax levies.

Hudson, Wisconsin. Superintendent of Schools. Annual report of the city superintendent of schools, 1875 and 1880.

  • US ARC St. Croix Small Series 3
  • collection
  • 1875 and 1880

Annual report of the City Superintendent to the State Superintendent including statistics of children enrolled in school, days of attendance, number of teachers employed, salaries paid, and number of schools; financial statement; information on school houses and sites, school rooms and equipment, text-books used, libraries, and private schools not incorporated; special report of the high school; number of certificates granted; school census; teachers' reports; and teachers' meetings.

School District No. 5, Town of Troy, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, Mann Valley School records, 1951-1954.

  • US ARC St. Croix Small Series 23
  • collection
  • 1951-1954

Clerk's records including minutes of annual and special school district meetings, listing of orders drawn on the treasurer's accounts, school censuses, and teacher's contracts. Treasurer's records (1952-1954) show receipts and disbursements, balance statements, and in some cases, the purpose of payment and the person paid.

Joint School District No. 1, City of Hudson, Village of North Hudson, and Towns of Hudson, Troy, St. Joseph, and Somerset, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, records, 1965.

  • US ARC St. Croix Small Series 21
  • collection
  • 1965

Clerk's annual report includes information in the categories of general control, instruction, operation, maintenance, auxiliary agencies, transportation, capital outlay, and debt service. Treasurer's annual report includes previous years budget and expenditures, and proposals for next year. Superintendent's report includes statement on finances, students and staff, physical facilities, and buildings.

Clerk, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, County Board of Inquiry transcript, 1943.

  • US ARC St. Croix Small Series 2
  • collection
  • 1943

Transcript of a hearing conducted November-December, 1943, by the County Board Committee of Inquiry for the purpose of making a full investigation of criticisms regarding the administration of the Highway Commissioner and the Highway Committee and the dealings of the chairman of the County Board with the Highway Department.

Hammond, Wisconsin. Clerk. Ordinances, 1909.

  • US ARC St. Croix Small Series 13
  • collection
  • 1909

Copy of ordinances, numbered 1-27, of the Village of Hammond, and a water resolution, all passed in May, 1909.

School District No. 2, Town of Hammond, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, records, 1883-1889.

  • US ARC St. Croix Small Series 12
  • collection
  • 1883-1889

Records including minutes of annual school meetings and financial reports of the school district clerk (1884-1889), minutes of special school meetings (1888), register of school officers and terms of office (1885-1892), proceedings of the district school board (1884-1889), district treasurer's bond (1885), teachers' contracts (1884-1888), register of orders drawn on the treasurer (1883-1889), district clerks statistical report, including number of boy students, girl students, number attending school, etc. (1883-1884, 1888-1889), annual school census record (1889), and a list of property belonging to school district #2 (1889).

Clerk, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, school report, 1858.

  • US ARC St. Croix Small Series 11
  • collection
  • 1858

Annual report of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors to the State Superintendent of Schools showing detailed information for each town on such things as number of school districts, average number of months school taught, number and ages of children, average wages, financial matters, types of books used and names of authors, school house construction, valuation of school houses, and school libraries.

School District No. ?, Town of Kinnickinnic, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, clerk's records, 1868-1941.

  • US ARC St. Croix Small Series 1
  • collection
  • 1868-1941

Proceedings of the district meetings (1868-1937), register of school officers and terms of office (1870-1883), annual school meeting (1941), district treasurer's bond (1870-1885), teachers school report and teachers contract (1868-1884), register of teachers employed (1868-1890), register of orders drawn (1868-1891), and district clerk's report and financial statements (1876-1889, 1906-1929).

School District No. 3, Town of Troy, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, Glover Station School records, 1867-1960.

  • US ARC St. Croix Series 94
  • collection
  • 1867-1960

[1] Treasurer's Books (1867-1960) showing receipts and disbursements, accounts, the purpose of money received and orders paid, and the treasurer's annual report to the Board. [2] School District Record (1911-1932) containing minutes of school board meetings (1911-1931) annual financial report of the board, and register of orders drawn. [3] Minutes of annual meeting (1932-1958). [4] Clerk's miscellaneous records (1933-1934; 1946-1959) including school census, annual reports to the State Superintendent, teacher contracts and correspondence. [5] Teacher's registers and attendance books (1912-1957) generally containing student names, ages and grade, curriculum information and visitor logs.

Treasurer, Town of Troy, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, record book, 1889-1929.

  • US ARC St. Croix Series 9
  • collection
  • 1889-1929

Record of town accounts and orders filed by the town treasurer including accounts of Joint School Districts #1-6, road district accounts of districts #1-17, town highway accounts, town treasurer's report to the town board, and town orders drawn on the treasurer.

Glenwood City, Wisconsin. Assessor. Residential appraisal cards, 1934.

  • US ARC St. Croix Series 81
  • collection
  • 1934

Cards compiled by the assessor for appraisal of residential plats showing land descriptions and addresses, names and addresses of owners and tenants, and the following data: land value factors, listing dimensions, streets and alleys, table of building value factors, type of construction and material, heating, lighting, plumbing, condition of building, and remarks.

Glenwood City, Wisconsin. Clerk. Records, 1893-1949.

  • US ARC St. Croix Series 79
  • collection
  • 1893-1949

Box 1 contains clerk's correspondence, 1898-1949, alphabetically arranged; and records of city resolutions and bond issues, 2 vols., 1928-1940. Box 2 contains chattel mortgage records, 1893-1901; 2 volumes listing city ordinances, 1895-1949; and the record of city licensing decisions, 1896-1905, in which the names of applicants, dates, license amounts, location, and expiration dates are recorded.

Clerk, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, clerk's papers, 1954-1958, 1960.

  • US ARC St. Croix Series 7
  • collection
  • 1960

Records of the County Clerk including proceedings of the County Board of Supervisors, correspondence, resolutions and petitions, committee reports, financial reports, and annual reports of county offices and divisions.

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