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Polk County (Wis.). Treasurer
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Polk County, Wisconsin. Treasurer. Income tax rolls and collection report, 1911-1933.

  • US ARC Polk Series 14
  • collection
  • 1911-1933

Tax rolls (1928, 1931, and 1932) indicate the taxable income for individuals and corporations, the amount of the tax, and whether it was paid; the 1931 volume also contains the delinquent income tax roll for that year. There are 7 volumes of income tax collection reports for individuals and corporations (1928-1933) that list the taxpayer's name and amount paid. There are one box and one volume of assessments for income taxation (1911-1926) which list the taxable income and tax for individuals and corporations.

Polk County, Wisconsin. Treasurer. Account ledgers, 1855-1930.

  • US ARC Polk Series 15
  • collection
  • 1855-1930

Records of debits and credits to the accounts of the towns and villages in the county and accounts for county agencies such as poor relief, schools, and roads. ?b Shows date, amount credited or debited, who paid or received the money, and in some cases the purpose for payment. Some volumes credit individual towns for money received from tax sales.

Polk County, Wisconsin. Treasurer. Tax receipts books, 1862-1886.

  • US ARC Polk Series 16
  • collection
  • 1862-1886

Record of payment of county real estate taxes; volumes also record sale of land for taxes and includes tax certificate number, description of land, date sold, and owner. There are fragmentary accounts of town and villages in the county.

Polk County, Wisconsin. Treasurer. Tax rolls, 1859-1995.

  • US ARC Polk Series 4
  • collection
  • 1859-1995

Real and personal property rolls showing assessed valuation of property, taxes levied against property, and taxes paid. Holdings are not complete. Beginning in 1945, records are retained only for every fifth year.
The pre-1945 tax rolls are available only on microfilm.

Polk County (Wis.). Treasurer

Polk County, Wisconsin. Treasurer. Bounty record, 1884-1908.

  • US ARC Polk Small Series 4
  • collection
  • 1884-1908

Record of bounties including date, place, number, and kind of animal killed, name of claimant, and amount of money paid. There also are a few pages of assessment rolls from the Village of St. Croix Falls for 1862.