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Property tax -- Wisconsin -- Pierce County Wisconsin -- Pierce County
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Clifton, Pierce County, Wisconsin. Clerk. Real estate field book, 1946-1947.

  • US ARC Pierce Small Series 39
  • collection
  • 1946-1947

Record showing owner's name, address, school district number, description of property (including section, township, and range), total acreage, acreage by categories (residential, mercantile, agricultural, forest), and total value of the land as fixed by the assessor.

Treasurer, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, tax and assessment rolls, 1857-2005.

  • US ARC St. Croix Series 19
  • collection
  • 1857-2005

Record of taxes assessed and paid on real estate and personal property. States names of owner, description of land, number of acres, assessed valuation, amount of each tax, total taxes, date paid, and by whom. Assessment rolls are present for various local units of government for scattered years.