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Lakeview Drive, Balsam Lake, Wisconsin

Postcard image of the northwestern shore of Balsam Lake, with an automobile parked along Lakeview Drive, city of Balsam Lake, Wisconsin. Printed on Azo paper, with the two triangles pointing up and two pointing down (used 1918-1930). Unused.

Main Street, Ellsworth, Wisconsin

Postcard with image of downtown Ellsworth, Wisconsin, showing businesses, automobiles, and street lights on Main Street. Date from postmark: Jun 28 1946; mailed from Ellsworth, Wisconsin; green 1¢ Washington stamp. Message: Addressed to The Gang, 238 N. Hyland Ave., Ames, Iowa. "Dear fellows, Having a swell vacation here in Minn. and Wisconsin. Wish all of you were with us. Hope to see you next week. Della & Don."

Hickerson Roller Mill and Mill Pond, Grantsburg, Wisconsin

Postcard with image of the Hickerson Roller Mill and mill pond, looking west, with a brick yard in the distance, located at Grantsburg, Wisconsin. The stamp was removed from the verso, along with any postmark. Message: Addressed to Mr. Gorge Huffman, Stillwater, Minn. "Well Gorge I suppose you are all looking for me to come [home?]. But I have to stay a few days longer [cannot make out the rest]." No signature or name.

Greetings from Luck, Wisconsin

Photochrom postcard with image of downtown Luck, Wisconsin, showing the businesses, automobiles, and street lights on the main street; a few deciduous trees are also visible. Businesses include Nielsen's Fountain, Fairway Foods, a Shell service station, a bank, and a cafe. Description printed on verso: "There are 25 Lakes within a radius of 9 miles of Luck, with ample resort accommodations. Luck has an intriguing 9 hole golf course with modern club house and is truly in the middle of the Polk County resort area. 900 friendly people to make your visit an enjoyable one." Text printed on verso: Photographed & Dist. by G. R. Brown Co., Route 5, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, plus the G. R. Brown Co. logo. Unused.

Main Street, Osceola, Wisconsin

Looking south on the main business street through Osceola. Businesses shown include the Right Price Store, Koch's, the Bank of Osceola, and a drugstore with two boys outside. On the street is a horse-drawn delivery wagon and five automobiles. Also visible are electric and telephone poles and lines, and a street light. Date from postmark: Sep 1 [19]25; mailed from Osceola Wisconsin; stamp has been removed. Message: Addressed to Mr. Adolf Erickson, 3330 Hiawatha Ave. South, Minneapolis, Minn. "Osceola, Wisconsin, Sept 1st 1925, Kind Friend, This forenoon I left home and arrived at Osceola shortly after 12. Kind regards from Arthur Carlson."

Scene at Atlasta Resort on Yellow Lake, Danbury, Wisconsin

Real-photo postcard with image of a resort building and a twig-construction bench overlooking Yellow Lake at Atlasta Resort near Danbury, in Burnett County, Wisconsin. Text printed on verso: Crescent Photo Co., Minneapolis, Minn. Printed on Defender paper (stamp box design used 1920-1945). Unused.

Edgewater Inn near Siren, Burnett County, Wisconsin

Postcard with image of the Edgewater Inn near Siren, in Burnett County, Wisconsin. Text printed on verso: Herman the Printer, Minocqua, Wisconsin Date from postmark: July 20, 1951; mailed from Siren Wisconsin; green 1¢ Washington stamp. Message: Addressed to Miss Yvonne Van, Mandle Bros. Dept., 1 No. State Street, Chicago, Ill. c/o Signshop 14th Flr. "Hi Yvonne -- This sleeping, eating, and doing nothing is just spoiling me. The peace and quite [sic] is so restful. I flew up here on Wisconsin Central Airlines. Mom and I are really enjoying this. Say hello to everyone. Jan."

Pike Lake and dock at Bungalow Beach, Amery, Wisconsin

Real-photo postcard with image of Pike Lake near Amery, Wisconsin. Picture shows a dock with boat and a single figure sitting at the end. Date from postmark: Jul 2 1922; mailed from Amery W[is]; green 1¢ Washington stamp. Message: Addressed to Mr. & Mrs. W. F. Johannes, 3252 Knox Ave. N., Minneapolis, Minn. "July 2, 1922. Dear Sis & Bro., My but Amery is a pretty little town. There was some crowd down-town last night. Will be going to Balsam Lake some time to-day. From, Hattie & Al." Hattie was Freda's younger sister.

Scene at Lutheran Bible Camp, Amery, Wisconsin

Real-photo post card with an image of the Lutheran Bible Camp in Amery, Wisconsin. Image shows a stone outdoor fire pit and a small building surrounded by deciduous trees. Date based on founding of the camp in 1948. Printed on Kodak Paper. Printed on verso: "All rights reserved, A. Pearson Co., Inc., Minneapolis, Minn." Unused.

East street scene, Ellsworth, Wisconsin

Real-photo postcard with image of a street in East Ellsworth, Wisconsin. Some of the shops pictured include a welding shop, Boothe Hardware, and a used car lot. Text printed on verso: "All Rights Reserved, A. Pearson Co., Minneapolis, Minn." Printed on EKC paper (this design used in the stamp box 1930-1950). Unused.

Sanatorium, Hudson, Wisconsin

Postcard picture of the Sanatorium in Hudson. Image shows a large, sprawling house and a front deck with at least two figures on it. Name on front reads: "J. E. Corbally" Postmark on front: Jan 5, 1906, La Crosse, Wisconsin On verso, postmarked Jan 4, 1906, Hudson; addressed to Miss Eugenia Emmaline Secois, 912 Rose Street, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Street scene, Clear Lake, Wisconsin

Real-photo postcard with image of the main business street in Clear Lake, Polk County, Wisconsin, in the 1930s. Date from postmark: Nov 18 1942; mailed from Cle[ar] Lake Wisconsin; green 1¢ "Industry Agriculture for Defense" Lady Liberty stamp. Message: Addressed to Miss Julia Northup, 81 High St., Wakefield R.I. "Clear Lake Wisconsin David & Julia, Alma & I are here for Thanksgiving. Back after we have Thanksgiving. Dr. & Mrs. Rist."

Opera house, Ellsworth, Wisconsin

Real-photo postcard of the Firemen's Opera House, built in 1904, located in Ellsworth, Wisconsin. Text printed on verso: "The Co-Mo Company, Post Cards, Minneapolis," "Co-Mo Quality" printed as the divider, and "Genuine Photograph" in the stamp box. Unused.

Harvest Festival in East Ellsworth, Wisconsin

Real photo postcard showing people gathered for the Harvest Festival in East Ellsworth. Many buggies and horses are also in the scene, many children and adults, and a banner across the street for the "Pierce County Fair, Sept. 20-21-22. Postmark: Aug 18 1912; mailed from Ellsworth [Wis]; green 1¢ Washington stamp. Message: Addressed to Mr. Ferdinand Peterson, c/o J. Geo. Smith, E. Sixth St., St. Paul, Minn. "8/18/12. Hello Ferd, Am having the time of my life. Will be home Monday evening ab. five o'clock. from G.J."

Main Street, Webster, Wisconsin

Real-photo postcard with image of downtown Webster, Wisconsin, showing businesses, automobiles, pedestrians, street lights, and trees in the background. Businesses include a Gambles hardware store, a drug store, the U.S. post office, a gasoline station, plus a Hamm's Beer sign. Unused.

Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Omaha depot, River Falls, Wisconsin

Real-photo postcard with image of the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha Railway depot in River Falls, Wisconsin. Postmark: Aug 29, 19--; Hudson & Ellsworth R.P.O.; green 1c Franklin stamp (Scott 331). Lacking other ways of dating this postcard, the Washington-Franklin Definitive issues first came out in 1908 and were printed until 1922. Message: Addressed to Mrs. H. Thomson, Poynette, Wisconsin, Box 104. "Dear Mother. We are getting along as good as can be expected. Nellie does not sleep very well. How's Kate and all the rest of you. Give my regards to Sam and all of you. Will write soon. From Will."

Main Street, Hudson, Wisconsin

Real-photo postcard with image of Main Street in Hudson, St. Croix County, Wisconsin. Signs that can be seen include Zarske Bros., a meat market, and the Commercial Hotel. Pennants are strung across the street and plenty to 1920s era automobiles can be seen on the street. Text printed on verso: The Co-Mo Company, Post Cards, Minneapolis. Date from postmark: Jul 11 1924; mailed from Hudson Wisconsin; green 1¢ Washington stamp. Message: Addressed to Mrs. [Henry? Clepper?], c/o Mose Landree, Ingalls, Mich. "Weather awful hot - Roads bad & dirty. With love, Henry."

Cottage no. 13, Howland's Resort, Falk Lake, Danbury, Wisconsin

Real-photo postcard with image of a resort cabin in Burnett County, Wisconsin. The cabin is surrounded by trees and bushes and Falk Lake can be seen in the background. Date from postmark and message: Jul 20, 1960. Mailed in Danbury, Wisconsin; 3¢ purple Liberty stamp. Message addressed to Mrs. W.S. Long, 697 No. Ohio St. Aurora, Ill. "7/20/1960, Hi--: Arived [sic] O.K. Just 477 miles. Fish not biting too good. Have a few in freezer. Going to minesota [sic] one of these days. Scotty."

Hotel, Clear Lake, Wisconsin

Real-photo postcard with image of the Ward House hotel in Clear Lake, Polk County, Wisconsin. Several men and women are standing on the veranda of the 2½ floor wooden building. The original photograph is from the early 1900s; this reprint is from 1950 or after. Printed on Kodak Paper (used 1950- ). Unused.

Street scene, Amery, Wisconsin

Real-photo postcard with image of downtown Amery, Polk County, Wisconsin. Sign can be seen for a bank, a variety store, and a movie theater. Text printed on verso: All Rights Reserved, A. Pearson Co., Inc. Minneapolis, Minn. Date from movie showing at the theater: "Sitting Pretty," starring Clifton Webb as Mr. Belvedere, came out in 1948. Printed on EKC paper (this stamp box design used 1930-1950): Unused. Considerable mold damage. "As-IS" and [$]9.00 written in pencil on verso by previous seller.

Country Dam on Apple River, North of Amery, Wisconsin

Commercially-printed postcard of a color photograph, showing a small dam and spillway, with a building and watermill wheel along its opposite side. Printed on verso: "As you travel along on Highway 8 north of Amery, Wisconsin, you see this outstanding view of the Country Dam on Apple River. Northern Wisconsin is noted for its beautiful scenic area in the Indian Head Country." Published by Curteich Color, 3-D natural color reproduction.

Main Street, Hudson, Wisconsin

Real-photo postcard with image of Main Street in Hudson, Wisconsin. The street is lined with automobiles and several pedestrians are visible on the sidewalks. Store signs visible include Mickelsen Drugs, the Tick Tock Cafe, Wiener Clothing, a beer sign, another cafe, and on the other side of the street National Tea Co., a Hamm's beer sign, a cafe, and a hotel. Text printed on verso: All Rights Reserved - The L. L. Cook Co., Milwaukee. Printed on EKC paper (this stamp box design used 1930-1950). Unused.

Greetings from St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin

Real-photo postcard with photographic image taken of a design that includes three small photographic images of (top left): St. Croix River, Interstate Park; (top right): St. Croix River, Interstate Park; and (bottom right): State Fish Hatchery, St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin Bottom left of the postcard includes a hand-drawn/painted image of a bridge over a creek with the words: Design ©1923, CO-MO. Printed on DOPS paper (used 1925-1942). Unused.

Methodist Church, Ellsworth, Wisconsin

Picture postcard image of the Methodist Church in Ellsworth, Wisconsin. The church steeple has a tower, belfry with bells, a lantern area but no openings, and a spire. At least five trees surround the building and there is a small building to the right. Date from postmark; sent from Ellsworth, Wisconsin, Aug 10, 1907. Green 1¢ Benjamin Franklin stamp. Message (on recto): "Dear Olive: How are you enjoying your vacation? Why don't you write? Where are you going next year? I have sewed ever since school was out. I have taken one outing this summer. Had one letter each from Stella and Ellen. Am already packing my grip to go back to Normal. Love to all from Maud." Addressed (on verso) to Miss Olve Moss, Hudson, Wisconsin

Big Butternut Lake, Luck, Wisconsin

Real-photo postcard with image of Big Butternut Lake near Luck, Wisconsin. A road runs near the lake in this scene, lawn chairs sit on the grassy incline, and the shoreline is covered with deciduous trees. Date from postmark: Aug 12, 1943; mailed from Luck Wisconsin; green 1¢ Liberty stamp. Message: Addressed to Miss Christine Green, Poynette Wisconsin "Remember this? Granddad's was all weedy but I pulled a lot of them & cut the grass. Boy! Am I sore! He doesn't even know I did it! I was afraid he might not like it!! Disappointed not see Eliz. She wanted us to come up. I'd like to stay with G. a while longer & get to see her but supose I'd better go with the car." Message is not signed.

East side Main Street, New Richmond, Wisconsin

Real-photo postcard showing a livery in foreground (Dock's Livery) and other businesses along Main Street; a horse and buggy; telephone wires; and children walking down the street so that their movement almost obliterates them. Date from postmark: Oct 7, 1908; mailed from New Richmond Wis; green 1¢ "Gingerbread" Franklin stamp. Black mark along top is on the original (poor printing of the photograph). Message: Addressed to Miss Clara Ritzaur, Turtle Lake, Wiss. "Dear Sweet Clara, I will drope [sic] a few lines to you and lett [sic] you now [know] that I got here arrit [alright] and so good by by [sic], Willie Ziemer."

St. Ann's [sic] Church, Somerset, Wisconsin

Real-photo postcard with image of St. Anne Catholic Church in Somerset, Wisconsin. The church building, made of brick, has large concrete steps and two bell towers. The picture includes numerous kinds and sizes of trees. Text printed on verso: The Co-Mo Company, Post Cards, Minneapolis, Minn. Handwritten text on verso seems to be only a portion of the message: "since 15 June & now I am without anything to read except St. Paul & Minneapolis papers & ocassionally the Ark. Gazette. As Ben states you are counting the wks. till the time arrive[s] for me to come home. I have been counting the days from the time this letter leaves camp. I have only 21 days left here. We get through on the 23rd which is a god send & I do not mean maybe. I expect to spend an aftn. in Duluth if possible to leave here in the morning".

Postcard from Maiden Rock, Wisconsin

Shows 44 girls, all dressed alike in white dresses with sashes and holding American flags, their hats have the name of the state they are representing. Also two adult men. Postmarked Sep 6, 1910, Maiden Rock, Wisconsin Message on verso to a Miss Josie Christianson in Enderlin, North Dakota. Name of author is difficult to read.

Main Street, New Richmond, Wisconsin

Real-photo postcard with image of downtown New Richmond with cars parked in front of various stores such as J.C. Penney Company and Keefe's Tea Room. Several adult pedestrians are visible. The postcard has a white border and a divided back. Date from postmark: May 2[-], 1939; mailed from New Richmond, Wisconsin; carmine red 2¢ Washington stamp. Message: Addressed to Mrs. Scotty Kelleher, 412--West--10th St., The Dalles, Oregon. "Dear friend, Just a note to say I am still alive and among the living. Had a pleasant trip over and am enjoying a visit here. We went to Lake Superior last sunday, drove about 400 miles. You don't get as tired as there, for the country is so level, good straight roads. I feel about the same. Hope you are both well. Will tell you a lot when I get back. Your friend, Mrs. Gibson, New Richmond, Wisconsin, Box 331, c/o of J.M. Higgins."

Plum City school, Plum City, Wisconsin

Postcard with view of the Plum City school from the front-left. Date from postmark: Jun 15, 1908; mailed from Plum City, Wisconsin Message: Addressed to Mr. Dorr Anderson, Mackinaw City, Mich. Message includes the sentence "No colored view to be had in this town."

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