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Board of Regents

The Board of Regents is the standing authority over the school. a corporate body with full control and direction of what started as the Normal System. The appointed Regent had the authority to locate, build, supply, and operate the school. Including controlling the expenditures of funds and broadly, the curriculum. As the Normal grew, it was necessary for a local to be appointed regent, and represent interests for both the school in Madison and the regent's interests in River Falls. Local regents represented in this collection include; Phillip.W. Ramer, 1913-1929, Jay H. Grimm, 1929-1941, James A. Richards, 1942-1945, Chalmer Davee, 1945-1953, Herman T. Hagestad, 1953-1959, David Rodli, 1959-1965, Norman L. Christianson, 1965-1972, Nancy M. Barkla, 1972-

Campus Planning

The records in this series deal with the State Building Commission and the development of the physical campus plant. Project files, ranging from minor updates and installations to major building projects. Records include blueprints, concept drawings, and planning documentation.

College Tournaments

This series consists of records for a variety of tournaments including, the John A. Oostendorp Tournament, D. W. McArthur Tournament, college and university tournaments held at UW- River Falls between the years 1984-1996, Individual Events Tournaments at a variety of colleges, and multiple invitational tournaments at other colleges. These records are primarily informational packets on the tournaments, entry lists, schedules, results, and correspondences.

Financial Records

This series consists of two records. One being the Carsten?s Report Fund from 1981 and the other is the computer grant from 1984. The Carsten?s Report fund has faculty questionnaires and the evaluations of the answers from the questionnaires while the Computer Grant contains a report of the UW- River Falls Foundation Computer Assisted Instruction Grant.

High School Tournaments

This series consists of records for a variety of tournaments at the high school level including, state, debate, and individual event competitions. This series also includes other forensics related events such as the Debate Clinic in 1975 and Drama Contest in 1976. Overall the records in this series are primarily tournament information, debate ballots, results, handwritten notes, and correspondences throughout a variety of years.

Organization Administrative Records

This series consists of records for the American Forensics Association, National Forensics Association, Speech Communication Association, and Twin Cities Debate League. These records are mostly comprised of meeting minutes, newsletter, and correspondences for a variety of years in the individual organization.

Physics Newsletter, 2000-Present

The Physics Department Newsletter began in 2000, to keep friends and alumni up-to-date on what is happening in the department.
News items include new and retiring faculty, faculty and student research projects, scholarships, events, alumni news, and images. This sub-series includes both physical and electronic newsletters.

McCann, Lowell


This series consists of a variety of resources used by Professor Pratt. These resources include, the history of forensics, judge philosophies response papers, materials used for tournament events, mailing lists, schematics, and Rules/ regulations for tournaments. Most of the records in this series do not have dates, however, those that do are generally from the years 1966-1981.

Student Affairs

The records in this series concerning student services were administered by the Dean of Men and the Dean of Women. They were later combined into a single position of Vice President and later Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. Includes housing, dining, student services, placement bureau, and campus security.


This series consists of three different workshops, the MSU Workshop, Summer Arts Camp, and Critical Thinking Faculty Workshop. These are all records between the years 1977-1986 and consist mainly of resources used during the workshop or information about the workshop.