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Engelhardt-Hillskotter families papers, 1824-1984.

  • US ARC River Falls SC 77
  • collection
  • 1824-1984
  • Papers of the Engelhardt family, who owned and operated a brickyard (ca. 1889-1906) and a dairy farm (ca. 1870- )in the Farmington (Polk County), Wisconsin area; and of the Hillskotter family who farmed in the same area since ca. 1853.
  • b Included are correspondence, family certificates, writings, an autobiography of Carl Engelhardt, genealogies, photographs (1870-1909), and monthly farm labor records. In both German and English.

Henry H. Sibley papers

  • US ARC 2022-03-31/8
  • collection
  • 1826-1848

Papers of Minnesota's first governor during his years as a fur trader, consisting primarily of correspondence among the various American Fur Company agents located in the Wisconsin Territory. Correspondence concerns internal company business; business with Hudson's Bay Fur Company; company agreements with the Dakota Indians; company interest in United States government treaties with the Dakota, Ojibwa, and Winnebago Indians; attempts by the company to prevent war between the Dakota and the Sauk and Fox Indians; relations with missionaries to the Indians of the region; and company disputes with Indian agents Henry R. Schoolcraft and Lawrence Taliaferro.
Correspondents prominent in the early history of Minnesota and Wisconsin include William Aitken, Frederick Ayer, Alexis Bailly, Bernard Brisbois, Ramsay Crooks, Henry Dodge, James Doty, Hercules Dousman, Jean Faribault, Alexander Faribault, Joseph Nicollet, Henry Rice, Joseph Rolette, Henry Schoolcraft, Lawrence Taliaferro, and Lyman Warren.

Sibley, Henry Hastings

Christian P. Junkman family papers

  • US ARC ARC 2021.025.001
  • collection
  • 1846-1992, 2021

Christian and Anna Junkman papers and photographs (undated, 1846-1918, 2021) include materials relating to Anna's parents and siblings, the extended Cope family, and well as Christian's father, William; Glen Junkman and family papers and photographs (1911-1992), also include papers of their daughter, Mary Lorenzen; Estella Clarke (nee Junkman) papers and photographs (1864-1945, 2021) also contain materials related to her husband, William, including the Clark, White, and Ingli families.

Junkman, Christian P.

Circuit Court, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, criminal and civil case files, 1850-1929, 1967-1985.

  • US ARC St. Croix series 113
  • collection
  • 1850-1985

Case files relating to criminal and civil cases brought before the St. Croix County Circuit Court. Cases may include complaints, summonses, warrants, motions, appeals, judgments, and orders. Criminal offenses may relate to cases such as murder, assault and battery, adultery, larceny, fornication, illegal liquor sales, vandalism, and gambling. Civil suits may involve monetary transactions, personal disputes, divorce cases, and other family court-related matters.

Wisconsin. Circuit Court (St. Croix County)

Circuit Court, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, judgment books, 1851-1957

  • US ARC St. Croix series 130
  • collection
  • 1851-1957

Record of judges' decisions in civil cases. Includes names of plaintiffs, defendants, a case summary, dates of actions, and name of judge. Vols. B-Q and one volume labeled "Rule Book" (1851-1957).

Wisconsin. Circuit Court (St. Croix County)

County Court, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, probate case files, 1851-1921.

  • US ARC St. Croix Series 128
  • collection
  • 1851-1921

Records relating to the settlement of deceased individuals' estates including inventories of real and personal property; reports and accounts of administrators or executors; statements of claims against estates; resale of real and/or personal property; warrants; contracts; sworn testimony; and similar records.

Wisconsin. County Court (Saint Croix County)

County Court, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, index to probate case files, 1852-1950

  • US ARC St. Croix series 129
  • collection
  • 1852-1950

Name index to cases files in probate court for St. Croix County, Wisconsin. Use this index to look up the case file number associated with an individual, then use case number to find case file in St. Croix Series 128.

Wisconsin. County Court (St. Croix County)

Pierce County, Wisconsin. Treasurer. Tax and assessment rolls

  • US ARC Pierce Series 4
  • collection
  • 1854-2000

Rolls show ownership and description of taxable lands, assessed valuation of each parcel, taxes due, and record of payment of taxes. Total valuation, taxes due, and taxes paid are shown for personal property. For the years 1854-all tax rolls were retained; after rolls were retained for each year for the city of River Falls and generally for the decennial years for all other local units; for the years 1975-1995 only tax rolls for every fifth year have been retained. Assessment rolls are present for various units of local government for scattered years.

Pierce County, Wisconsin. Treasurer. Tax and assessment rolls

Clerk, Hudson, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, reports and papers

  • US ARC St. Croix series 23
  • collection
  • 1857-1933

Reports and papers filed by the City Clerk including petitions, communications, and reports to the Common Council; Council resolutions and ordinances; utility franchises; copies of legislative acts, 1857-1860, chartering and amending the charter of the city; and other records.

Hudson (Wis.). Clerk

Clerk, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, record of sale of land for unpaid taxes, 1860-1896.

  • US ARC St. Croix Series 16
  • collection
  • 1860-1898

County Clerk's record of lands sold at annual tax sales for the previous year's unpaid taxes. For each parcel of land sold, the record shows year of tax sale, certificate number, to whom certificate sold, land description and acreage, and amount for which sold. For redeemed lands, the record also shows by whom redeemed, date of redemption, amount for which redeemed, and paid. For lands on which tax deed was taken, the record shows to whom deeded and date of deed. A few entries show the name of the former "supposed owner" of the land sold.

Photographs of Burnett, Pierce, Polk, and St. Croix Counties

  • US ARC ARC 1999.001
  • collection
  • 1860 - 2005

Miscellaneous photographs and postcards, mainly duplicates and photocopies of originals, displaying places, people, businesses, buildings, and scenery in the four county region (Burnett, Pierce, Polk, and St. Croix Counties) of Wisconsin.

Visual material By University of Wisconsin-River Falls University Archives and Area Research Center (1860)

Alonzo Miller papers, 1863-1865

  • US ARC River Falls SC 22
  • collection
  • 1863-1865

Typescript copies prepared by the National Park Service, of a short entry diary, January 1, 1864-July 24, 1865, and letters, November 22, 1863-July 14, 1865, of Alonzo Miller, a private in Co. A, 12th Wisconsin Infantry. Materials concern camp life, the Atlanta, Savannah, and Carolina campaigns, including the battles of Kennesaw Mountain, Ezra Church, and Jonesboro, and the capture of Bentonville, N.C. Also present are the texts of two songs by L. Grennan, "The veterans are coming," and "The great Ulysses." Not available on the microfilm are transcripts of a May 2, 1864, letter and brief diary entries, 1863-1865, and a photograph of Alonzo Miller.

Treasurer, Burnett County, Wisconsin, property tax rolls

  • US ARC Burnett Series 8
  • collection
  • 1865-2005

Tax rolls showing name of property owner, land description, acreage, valuation of real and personal property, amounts of taxes, date and amount of payment, and by whom paid. Beginning in 1915, rolls are retained for every fifth year only.

Burnett County (Wis.). Treasurer

Burnett County, Wisconsin. Treasurer. Tax sale book, 1866-1874.

  • US ARC Burnett Series 9
  • collection
  • 1866-1874

Volume 1 tax sale record showing land description, acreage, year sold for, date of sale, sale price, certificate number, purchaser, date of redemption, redemptioner, amount redeemed for, date of deed, and grantee.

Burnett County (Wis.). Treasurer

Pierce County, Wisconsin, Circuit Court criminal and civil case files

  • US ARC Pierce Series 163
  • collection
  • circa 1866-1934, 1962

Files of primarily criminal cases in Circuit Court including complaints, summonses, warrants, motions, appeals, judgments, and orders. Cases relate to criminal offenses such as murder, assault and battery, adultery, larceny, fornication, illegal liquor sales, vandalism, and gambling. The few civil suits involve monetary transactions and personal disputes including divorce. Criminal case files include #1-366, 468-839, 925, 1403, and 1441, roughly dated from 1866-1962 (bulk 1866-1930). Civil case files include #1-100 (circa 1866-?) and #5086, #7966, #8141-8171 (1916-1939).

American House, Town of Erin Corners, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, ledger and genealogical notes, 1869-1890 and ca. 1969.

  • US ARC River Falls Mss CV
  • collection
  • 1869-1890, circa 1969

Business account ledger, 1869-1890, kept by Peter Meath, proprietor of the American House, a combined store, saloon, hotel, and boarding house. An index to the names appearing in the journal is included plus a brief biography of Meath and notes compiled by Catherine B. Heiting on the descendants, 1800-1969, of John and Mary Coleman Meath.

Biographical File, circa 1874 -

  • UWRF Series 151
  • collection
  • circa 1874 -

This series contains items that are from alumni and faculty of UW-River Falls. The items can include biographies, reminiscences, speeches, articles about, papers written by, etc. The Archives’ biographical index to local newspapers and other sources also has entries for this series for each individual.

Catalogs, 1875-

  • UWRF Series 39
  • collection
  • 1875- Present

This series contains catalogs for the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.

University of Wisconsin--River Falls. Office of the Vice Chancellor.

Photograph collection, 1875-

  • UWRF Series 26
  • collection
  • 1875-

Photographs, negatives, and slides, were primarily taken by Photography Services, yearbook staff, student newspaper, and a variety of other sources. The images, most in black and white, document the administration, student and faculty activities, departments, organizations, student life, athletics, buildings, construction, campus events and visitors, and aerial views of campus.

University of Wisconsin River Falls

Commencement and Honors Day programs, 1878-Present

  • UWRF Series 27
  • collection
  • 1878-Present

This series includes addresses to graduating classes, ca. 1889-1893; 1958; 1966; 1972; anniversary exercises; baccalaureate programs; class day exercises; alumni- faculty- senior banquet programs; senior class play programs (1914-1940); scholarship information, 1939; 1940; 1945; other miscellaneous items concerning graduation, i.e. invitations, grammar grade exercises, etc.

University of Wisconsin--River Falls. Office of the Registrar. (1884)

St. Croix County, Wisconsin, Circuit Court minutes, 1878-1974.

  • US ARC St. Croix series 132
  • collection
  • 1878-1974

Provides a brief summary of cases heard before the Circuit Court. Includes the names of defendants and plaintiffs as well as the judgment in each particular case.

Wisconsin. Circuit Court (St. Croix County)

Alumni Association Records, 1879-

  • UWRF Series 42
  • collection
  • 1879-2002

The Alumni Association is composed of graduates from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. The purpose of the group is to promote greater activity among the alumni at commencement, homecoming, and other special functions, to encourage sociability among former students, to create a closer understanding between the college and the community, and to further the interests of higher education in the community.

Assistant to the Chancellor

Opera Hotel guest register

  • US ARC ARC1999.004
  • collection
  • 1887-1901, 1941

Opera Hotel register (1887-1901, 1941) includes names, addresses (generally limited to city if any), date/time, rooms rented, and a notes field. Since many of the guests were in the entertainment industry, many entries include creatively devised advertisements for the performances or other additional information on the group and type of entertainment provided. A note, dated 1941, appears to have been added by a later owner of the register. According to the River Falls Journal, the register was in the possession of W. A. Freeman when the fire that burned the building formerly housing the Opera Hotel, burned in 1921.

Opera Hotel (River Falls, Wis.)

Charles Francis Smith photographs, 1887-1893

  • US ARC ARC 1999.006
  • collection
  • 1887-1893

Photographs created by Charles Francis Smith of houses and families in the vicinity of Elmwood, Wisconsin, circa 1887-1893. Also included are index cards with detailed descriptions for many, but not all, of the included images.

Smith, Charles Francis

Burnett County, Wisconsin, Circuit Court civil case files, 1888-1971.

  • US ARC Burnett Series 32
  • collection
  • 1888-1971

Circuit court cases dealing with civil actions. Legal papers include complaints, summonses, affidavits, petitions, court orders and decrees. Cases #1-1479, 1888-1930, consist of civil actions and cases #1493-3789, 1931-1971 consist of divorce cases only.

Burnett County (Wis.) Circuit Court

School District No. 3, Town of Baldwin, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, Sunnyside School records, 1891-1950

  • US ARC St. Croix series 108
  • collection
  • 1891-1950

Clerk's record book and school registers. Clerk's record book (1919-1950) contains minutes of annual and special meetings, record of treasurer's expenditures, bonds and oaths of district treasurers, and annual reports including census of pupils. School registers up to 1914 consist of separate registers for classification and attendance. Classification registers (1891-1895, 1909-1914) include names and ages of students, grades, comments on student performances, notes made by the teachers, and classes taught. Attendance registers (1901-1914) indicate names of teachers and pupils, attendance, remarks concerning the promotion and progress of students, lessons and daily schedules, and a register of visitors. Beginning in 1914, comprehensive school registers (1914-1920, 1932-1946) combine records for attendance, classification, and grades.

Normal Badger, 1895-1911.

  • UWRF Series 94
  • collection
  • 1895-1911

The Normal Badger was the predecessor to the Student Voice. It was first published in 1895 by the Athletic Club and in 1897 by the Literary Society. In 1899, it was published by the school as a whole. For reasons not clear, it ceased publication until 1907. By 1912, the Badger evolved into the school's annual, the Meletean.

River Falls State Normal School (Wis.) (1895)

Circuit Court, Burnett County, Wisconsin, Criminal case files, 1895-1948

  • US ARC Burnett Series 54
  • collection
  • 1895-1948

Criminal case files filed in Circuit Court and County Court for Burnett County. Complaints, notes, summonses, transcripts, evidence, rulings, orders, judgments, appeals, and execution orders. Cases relate to felony criminal offenses such as murder, assault and battery, adultery, larceny, fornication, rape, illegal liquor sales, vandalism, and gambling. Circuit Court ranges from approximately 1927-1948. County Court cases range from approximately 1895-1943.

Wisconsin. Circuit Court (Burnett County)

UWRF Administrative subject and correspondence files, 1896-ongoing.

  • UWRF Series 1
  • collection
  • 1896-1988

The records in this series span the tenure of three presidencies/chancellors, and an interim president. Most of the records in this series cover Jesse H. Ames in 1917 through the tenure of George R. Field in 1985. Some records also predate the Ames presidency. Sub-series and folder contents will overlap presidents/chancellors.

The arrangement and sub-series designations are intended to reflect the general organizational structure of the College/University. Up to the Kleinpell era, the president was highly involved with nearly every aspect of the institution. The president had many direct reports, requiring him to be directly involved in many decision-making roles. Records in this series, generally concern topics such as accreditation, general policy issues, funding, new courses, organization, plans for expansion, staffing, and other administrative affairs. The files contain copies of correspondence, reports, and background materials, either created by the president or sent to them by other offices or departments. The files also contain agendas, minutes, and supporting materials from departmental, college, school, and ad hoc committees.

Ames, Jesse Hazen

Hudson High School pamphlets

  • US ARC ARC2017.029.001
  • collection
  • undated, 1900-2008 (bulk 1920-1983)

Class reunions (1972-1974); commencement programs (1900-1983) [missing issues]; handbook and class publications (1953-1956, 1981, 2008); play programs, class songs, and other extracurricular printed ephemera (undated, 1920-1937, 2000).

Hudson High School (Wis.)

Sanborn fire insurance maps

  • US ARC ARC 2023.009
  • collection
  • 1902-1930

Digital jpg's taken from scans made by the Library of Congress Sanborn Fire Insurance Map collection online for counties in Burnett, Pierce, Polk, and St. Croix Counties. Cities included at time of cataloging include Amery (Polk County), Baldwin (St. Croix County), Ellsworth (Pierce County), Frederic (Polk County), Glenwood City (Burnett County), Grantsburg (Burnett County), Hammond (St. Croix County), Hudson (St. Croix County), New Richmond (St. Croix County), Osceola (Polk County), River Falls, (Pierce and St. Croix Counties), Spring Valley (Pierce County), St. Croix Falls (Polk County).
Visit Library of Congress online webpage for tiff files.

Sanborn Map & Publishing Company Limited

Hudson Public Library records, 1903-1974.

  • US ARC St. Croix series 63
  • collection
  • 1903-1974

Minutes of the board of trustees, 1903-1963; circulation records, 1918-1941; financial records, 1930-1967; and accessions and withdrawals records, 1966-1974.

Hudson (Wis.). Public Library

Burnett County, Circuit Court, miscellaneous court records, 1906-1940

  • US ARC Bunett series 42
  • collection
  • 1906-1940

Assorted records from the court, including materials relating to the organization of the Village of Siren, 1913; one certificate of ordination, 1938; one marriage license, 1906; criminal statistics, 1932; one defendant tally sheet, 1936; a certification for the Union Indemnity Company, 1931; a court order designating the First National Bank of Grantsburg as a public depository, 1937; and two memorials, one to lawyer and judge William R. Foley, 1940, and one to circuit court clerk Newton Hickerson, 1909.

Burnett County (Wis.) Circuit Court

Summer Session Bulletins, 1910-2003

  • UWRF Series 37
  • collection
  • 1910-2003

This series contains the summer session bulletins for the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.

University of Wisconsin--River Falls. Office of the Vice Chancellor. (1910)

Office of the President - General correspondence, 1911-1969.

  • UWRF Series 2
  • collection
  • 1911-1969.

Series includes general correspondence from the presidencies/chancellorships of James W. Crabtree (1911-1917), Jesse H. Ames (1911, 1917-1946), Eugene H. Kleinpell (1946-1967), Richard J. Delorit (1967-1968), and George R. Field (1968-1985). Highlights include correspondence with students in military service (1917-1921); materials relating to the Smith-Hughes Act and problems at the River Falls Normal School as a result of its passage (1917-1929); and correspondence concerning curriculum, faculty and legislation. After 1930 most of the correspondence is of a formal business nature. Included is correspondence concerning Foundation business, arrangements for guest lecturers, development of the Graduate School and the transitions from Teachers College to State College (1957) and from State College to State University (1964). Most of the early correspondence (1911-1930) concerns prospective students (applications, and boarding and employment inquiries, students and recommendations for graduates). Some job applications are included. Correspondence with men in the military, including a list of River Falls Normal students in service dominates the files from 1917-1921.

Wisconsin State University, River Falls. Office of the President. (1911)

Office of the President correspondence with Regents, 1911-1969.

  • UWRF Series 3
  • collection
  • 1911-1969.

This series contains correspondence and communications between the River Falls Board of Regents representatives and the school. The bulk of the information deals with budgeting, salaries, curriculum changes, and allocations for physical plant expansion, along with legislative events which affected Board policy. Clarification of Board policies in general and the manner in which it affected River Falls in particular can be found within the correspondence, as well as illustrations of the efforts of River Falls Regents to achieve enactments of favorable Board policies for the school.

Wisconsin State University, River Falls. Office of the President. (1911)

Aid Society Norden, Hudson, Wisconsin, Records, 1912-1993.

  • US ARC River Falls Mss ER
  • collection
  • 1912-1993

Organizational records of the Aid Society Norden, a mutual aid society constituted by Scandinavian immigrants in 1886 and devoted to providing sickness and death benefits to members. The records consist of articles of incorporation and dissolution, constitution and bylaws, financial records, membership books, and meeting minutes.

Aid Society Norden (Hudson, Wis.) (1912)

The Meletean, 1912-1969, 1991-1992.

  • UWRF Series 93
  • collection
  • 1912-1969, 1991-1992.

The Meletean is the yearbook of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. It was first published in 1912 and it was last published in 1969. It resumed publication briefly from 1991 to 1992.

The Meletean

Music Department subject files, 1914-1991.

  • UWRF Series 67
  • collection
  • 1914-1991

Music Department subject files comprised of newsletters and programs; a historical file containing student handbooks, scattered newspaper clippings, certificates, and sheet music; papers involving the revision of "River Falls Rouser," originally composed by Neil Reed; correspondence regarding band uniforms; documents, photographs, sheet music and miscellaneous materials of Bohuslav J. Rozehnal; papers relating to the organization of the University's first band festival, "Cascade of Melody," held in the fall of 1969; class assignments for Nicholas Jadinak; and information about the band and choral programs, recitals, and clinics.

University of Wisconsin--River Falls. College of Arts and Sciences. (1914)

Faculty Women's Club, 1914-2002.

  • UWRF Series 89
  • collection
  • 1914-2002

The Faculty Women’s Club was formed in about 1914, as a social organization for women connected with the River Falls State Normal School. It was originally called “The Faculty Women’s League,” but changed its name in November of 1940 to its present title, “The Faculty Women’s Club.” The philosophy of the organization always underscored sociability over money-making. Nevertheless, the group has continually supported a variety of charitable and civic causes. For example, the club awarded annual scholarships donated milk and clothing to the needy, and contributed to such organizations as the American Red Cross, the Girl Scouts, the Salvation Army, the American Legion, and the March of Dimes. In terms of social activities, the club became involved in a wide range of events and projects, including plays, musicals, teas, dinners, and writing cookbooks.

This collection contains minutes of meetings, early and revised constitutions, rosters of members, correspondence, programs, and other materials relating to the Faculty Women’s Club.

Building projects, construction and maintenance files, 1914-1995.

  • UWRF Series 24
  • collection
  • 1914-1995.

Documentation includes floor plans, bids, specifications, blueprints, historical perspectives, program statements, contracts, utility service, correspondence and receipts related to construction, remodeling, alterations, and additions to campus buildings, equipment, sidewalks, furniture and other campus construction projects. A long-range campus plan from March 1970, and inventories of the River Falls State Normal School from 1914 and 1916 are also included.

University of Wisconsin--River Falls. Office of the Chancellor. (1898)

The Student Voice, 1916-Present

  • UWRF Series 100
  • collection
  • 1916-2014.

The Student Voice is a student-run newspaper at the University of Wisconsin River Falls. Beginning in 1916, as a weekly publication, was used to inform the campus community of events, and happening around campus. The publication includes local business advertisements and articles on local and national news.

Student handbooks, 1917-2002.

  • UWRF Series 106
  • collection
  • 1917-2002.

This series contains student handbooks for the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Handbooks contain information for students such as university policies, calendars, and social events on campus. Early handbooks (1917-1919) were published by the Young Men and Women's Christian Association and include suggestions for avoiding immoral temptations during college life. Special handbooks were compiled for female students offering guidelines regarding appropriate dress on campus, ladylike behavior, and residence hall curfews (1960's).

University of Wisconsin--River Falls. (1917)

Student, Staff and Faculty Directories, 1919-2013.

  • UWRF Series 92
  • collection
  • 1919-2013.

The Student, Staff, and Faculty Directories include contact information for campus departments, students, faculty, and staff. The directories also include ads for local businesses in the River Falls area. Student Directories from1919-1950 were compiled by students on the Meletean Staff. In 1963 the Sigma Tau Epsilon Fraternity took over the responsibility of creating and distributing the directory. Followed again by Theta Chi from 1968-1980. In 1980 the River Falls Centrex System was responsible for a complete university directory, with the name changing from Student and Faculty directory to Campus Directory in 2002. Printing of a campus directory ceased in 2013.

Meletean Staff

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