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Burnett County, Wisconsin. Clerk. Supervisor of Assessments' annual statistical reports, 1912-[ongoing]

  • US ARC Burnett Series 2
  • collection
  • 1912-

Supervisor of Assessments' annual reports to the County Board, printed by the County Clerk under Wis. Laws of 1905, Ch. 523, Sect. 4. Each report contains a table of amount of state, county, school, and local tax revenue, classified by type of tax; a table of total assessed valuation of each county; tables for each town of acreage and assessed valuation of lands and improvements, classified by use; tables showing assessed and recommended full value of real estate (classified by use) and personal property (classified by type) in each assessment district; and general advisory remarks.

Burnett County, Wisconsin. Clerk. Tax levy record, 1887-1900.

  • US ARC Burnett Series 6
  • collection
  • 1887-1900

Volume 1 includes statements of taxes and indebtedness filed by towns and villages, showing date, assessed valuation, all taxes levied, and all bonded and other indebtedness incurred and outstanding. Also present are statements of county taxes levied, purposes for which county tax money was spent, and county indebtedness.

Burnett County, Wisconsin. Treasurer. Tax sale book, 1866-1874.

  • US ARC Burnett Series 9
  • collection
  • 1866-1874

Volume 1 tax sale record showing land description, acreage, year sold for, date of sale, sale price, certificate number, purchaser, date of redemption, redemptioner, amount redeemed for, date of deed, and grantee.

Clifton, Pierce County, Wisconsin. Clerk. Real estate field book, 1946-1947.

  • US ARC Pierce Small Series 39
  • collection
  • 1946-1947

Record showing owner's name, address, school district number, description of property (including section, township, and range), total acreage, acreage by categories (residential, mercantile, agricultural, forest), and total value of the land as fixed by the assessor.

Glenwood City, Wisconsin. Assessor. Residential appraisal cards, 1934.

  • US ARC St. Croix Series 81
  • collection
  • 1934

Cards compiled by the assessor for appraisal of residential plats showing land descriptions and addresses, names and addresses of owners and tenants, and the following data: land value factors, listing dimensions, streets and alleys, table of building value factors, type of construction and material, heating, lighting, plumbing, condition of building, and remarks.