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Bright family. Genealogy, 1962.

  • US ARC River Falls SC 338
  • collection
  • 1962

Genealogical chart, 1772-1961, of the Bright family, compiled in 1962 by Sumner Spurgeon Bright, Jr., of Hudson, Wis.
The family ultimately settled in St. Croix County, Wisconsin.

Cosgriff, Brunner, and O'Brien families. Genealogies, 1976 and 1980.

  • US ARC River Falls SC 298
  • collection
  • 1976, 1980

A study prepared in 1976 by Brunner containing genealogical information and charts on the Cosgriff, Brunner, and O'Brien families, 1821-1976. The Daniel Cosgriff family located in Hudson, Wis., ca. 1867. Appended to Brunner's work are three pages of additions and corrections prepared by Florence Simon of Hudson.

Daniel Hall Levings. Family papers, 1855-1899.

  • US ARC River Falls SC 275
  • collection
  • 1855-1899

Family correspondence to Daniel H. Levings, River Falls, Wis., 1855-1880; and Levings-Leavens family genealogical charts with information for 1773-1899 on the Baldwin, Hart, Newell, Stanley, Powell, and Parmlu families.

Dopkins family genealogy, undated.

  • US ARC River Falls SC 253
  • collection
  • undated

A printed Dopkins family genealogy compiled by Sheldon M. Hilden and Marvin Dopkins, including information on several Wisconsin residents and mentioning the family names Heacox, McCue, Harris, Lacahick, Robery, Strand, Scoapa, Ray, Kusilek, Hilden, Woods, Anderson, Jensen, Lkier, Goddard, Berry, Pruitt, Hall, and Loney.

Ebenezer Ayers, his book, 1963.

  • US ARC River Falls SC 172
  • collection
  • 1963

A manuscript by Bloom detailing the descendants of Ebenezer Ayers, a settler in Taylors Falls, Minnesota in 1850, and including copies of letters and documents pertaining to the Ayers family and to events in Wisconsin's Polk and St. Croix counties.

Edman and Carlson families. History, undated.

  • US ARC River Falls SC 392
  • collection
  • undated

Family historical and genealogical information, compiled by Veluga Carlson and concerning the families of her father, Emanuel Edman, and of her husband's parents Frank and Mathilda Isaacson Carlson, who lived in the Polk County, Wisconsin and Taylors Falls, Minnesota areas.

Gillihan family. Bible pages.

  • US ARC River Falls SC 398
  • collection
  • Bible pages

Photocopied pages bearing genealogical information from three family Bibles documenting the ancestry of Glen and Win Gillihan. Recorded are birth, marriage, and death dates for descendants of Thomas and Olive (Blodgett) Williams, Aron(?) and Irena Carpenter, and Freeman and Salinda (Carpenter) Emerson. Also included are birth dates for the descendants of Jack H. and Catharine Gillihan.

Guest family. Genealogy, 1979.

  • US ARC River Falls SC 349
  • collection
  • 1979

Genealogy of the Guest family, 1796-1979, compiled by John Henry Guest, ca. 1979.

Helen Jenson Bethel. Genealogies, 1983-1984.

  • US ARC River Falls SC 40
  • collection
  • 1983-1984

Genealogical charts on the ancestors of Nels Jenson and the families of Anna Bang and Nels Tufte, compiled in 1983-1984 by Helen Bethel of Pierce County, Wisconsin.

Holstrom and Bischoff families history, 1971.

  • US ARC River Falls SC 160
  • collection
  • 1971

Family history written by Larson, a student at Wisconsin State University, River Falls, including information on the Holstrom and Bischoff families who settled in Stillwater and St. Paul, Minnesota.

Hoyt and Maggie Brown family. Genealogy, circa 1964.

  • US ARC River Falls SC 329
  • collection
  • circa 1964

Genealogy of the descendants of Hoyt and Maggie Brown, 1864-1964, compiled by Hugh Hoyt Brown of Steuben County, Indiana.
Other surnames treated include Shotts, Copeland, Halsey, and Miller.

Ira Elmore Bishop. Genealogies, 1961.

  • US ARC River Falls SC 272
  • collection
  • 1961

Genealogical study of the descendants of James Bishop, an English immigrant to New Haven, Connecticut, about 1634; compiled by Ira E. Bishop, Homewood, Illinois, and issued as Volume 1, March 1961, 1st Edition and as Volume One, Edition Two, June 1961.

Johnson family histories, circa 1990s.

  • US ARC River Falls Mss EX
  • collection
  • circa 1990s

Johnson family of St. Croix County, Wisconsin, history and copies of ancestors' records including birth and marriage certificates, obituaries, news articles, and notes compiled from archival sources. Also includes genealogies of the Poulsdatter and Rasmussen families and information on the Merriman, Johnston, Maynards and McClure families.

Klingensmith family genealogy, circa 1977.

  • US ARC River Falls SC 325
  • collection
  • circa 1977

Genealogical charts and copies of family documents detailing the history of the Klingensmith family, 1729-1900; compiled by Barbara Geisert of Marietta, Georgia.

Letha Chinnock Foster. Genealogy charts, 1976.

  • US ARC River Falls SC 326
  • collection
  • 1976

Photocopied genealogical charts, 1763-1941, of the Foster, Hunter, Tracy, and Kingsley families; prepared by Letha Chinnock Foster in 1976.

Neinstadt genealogy, 1980.

  • US ARC River Falls SC 323
  • collection
  • 1980

Genealogical chart of the Neinstadt family, 1844-1961, compiled by Johnson of Roseville, Minn.

Perry John Hickerson. Genealogy, 1981.

  • US ARC River Falls SC 317
  • collection
  • 1981

Genealogy of the Hickerson family, circa 1700-1981, compiled by Perry John Hickerson of Marshall, Minn. The genealogy traces the descendants of John and Anne Higginson of Baltimore County, Maryland.
Other surnames treated in the account include Wood, Frost, Blizzard, Farrell, Cayler, Mitchell, Moline, Wallace, and Pingle.

Pilgrims and voyageurs, 1966.

  • US ARC River Falls SC 173
  • collection
  • 1966

A lengthy history of the Pilgrim family, residents of the St. Croix Valley, Wisconsin, written by Bloom.

Ralph Shepard family. Genealogical charts., 1606-1857.

  • US ARC River Falls SC 330
  • collection
  • 1606-1857

Genealogical charts tracing the descendants of Ralph Shepard, compiled by Lani (Mrs. Donald) Doty.
There are additional accessions to this collection consisting of charts on the Ring, Doty, and Markham families.

Reimes and Holtman families. Genealogies, circa 1977.

  • US ARC River Falls SC 318
  • collection
  • circa 1977

Genealogies of two families: Reimes, 1816-1977, and the descendants of John and Alltje (Topp) Holtman, 1816-1977, both compiled by Elfrieda A. Kraege. The Holtman account contains information regarding the Topp and Ten Haken families. The Reimes genealogy treats several names including Rymes, Holtman, and Leenhouts.

Ronald Bjerstedt. Family history, 1971.

  • US ARC River Falls SC 161
  • collection
  • 1971

Family history written by Bjerstedt, a student at Wisconsin State University, River Falls; including brief information on the Stevenson, Danielson, and Christianson families of Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Selma Casberg. Our family history, 1974.

  • US ARC River Falls SC 81
  • collection
  • 1974

A printed genealogy compiled by Selma Sather Casberg, Holmen, Wisconsin, with information on her Norwegian and U.S. relatives bearing the names Dedrickson, Bysaether, Lilleengen, Sather, Holmen, Erickson, Pederson, and many others.

Casberg, Selma S.

Simon family genealogy, 1973.

  • US ARC River Falls SC 375
  • collection
  • 1973

Photocopy of a 175-page typed genealogy (covering 1846-1977) of the descendants of John Henry Simon, born in Iowa in 1851, and his wife Marian Anna Christine Ungrue, born in Hanover, Germany in 1846; compiled by Mrs. Beisch, a granddaughter. Additional surnames mentioned include Cook, Kelly, Lee, Sheridan, and Swank.

Thorowgood Family. Genealogy, 1971.

  • US ARC River Falls SC 137
  • collection
  • 1971

Genealogical chart of the Thorowgood Family of Prince Anne County, Virginia, prepared by Creecy in 1971.

William and Bridget Heffron family. Genealogy, 1983.

  • US ARC River Falls SC 316
  • collection
  • 1983

Genealogy of the descendants of William and Bridget Heffron, early settlers in Erin Prairie, St. Croix County, Wisconsin. Compiled by Alan Heffron, the genealogy, 1808-1983, includes information on these other surnames: Kane, Lumphrey, Gerrity, Burns, Martin, Newell, and Gallagher.

William and Lynn Feyereisen. Genealogies, circa 1975.

  • US ARC River Falls SC 289
  • collection
  • circa 1975

Genealogies compiled by William and Lynn Feyereisen. The "Singleton Heritage" contains charts and biographical information on the descendants of William Singleton and Mary Donovan, 1829-1973; and of John Cashman, 1805-1963. Other charts contain information, circa 1740-1975, on the descendants of John Peter and Mariana Maus Feyereisen.