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Alleho School records, 1892-1957.

  • US ARC Pierce Series 28
  • collection
  • 1892-1957

[1] School District Records (1924-1957) containing minutes of school board meetings, accounts of receipts and expenditures, resolutions, school censuses, financial statements, and teachers' contracts; [2] Treasurer's Book (1929-1957) showing receipts and expenditures; and [3] School Registers (1892-1943) including attendance records, reports of pupils' standing and work accomplished, daily programs, record of visitors, and state reading circle records.

Angel Hill School records, 1942-1960.

  • US ARC Pierce Series 102
  • collection
  • 1942-1960

[1] Teacher's Register (1953-1957) with names of teachers and pupils, attendance record, remarks concerning the promotion and progress of students, and a register of visitors; [2] Financial Records indicating the balance in the district's bank account (1942-1960), and a Cash Disbursement and Receipts Ledger (1954-1960) which shows the names, amounts, and dates of financial transactions; and [3] Annual Report (1960) which has information on enrollment, school district expenses, and financing.

Beldenville School records, 1925-1957.

  • US ARC Pierce Series 66
  • collection
  • 1925-1957

[1] School District Record (1927-1948) containing minutes of school board meetings, records of receipts and disbursements, reports of district board auditing committee, orders drawn on treasurer, notices of budget hearings, and teachers' contracts; [2] Teachers' Reports to Superintendent (1937-1938, 1948-1949) including a copy of a program showing recitation and study periods, six weeks or monthly reports, term averages, and textbook record; and [3] School Registers (1925-1957) containing attendance record, and monthly and term summaries showing pupil's classification number, sex, age, name, and record of standing and report of work accomplished, daily programs, visitors' record, and state reading circle record.

Ephemera related to Glenn P. Junkman, 1961.

  • US ARC River Falls SC 54
  • collection
  • 1961

Newspaper clippings of a feature article on Glenn P. Junkman, professor of mathematics at Wisconsin State University at River Falls, and a typescript of his book, "Functional Thinking in Mathematics."

Fargo School records, 1914-1960.

  • US ARC Pierce Series 111
  • collection
  • 1914-1960

[1] District Record Book (1935-1959) including minutes of district meetings, listing of orders drawn on the treasurer, and teacher's contracts; and [2] Treasurer's Records (1951-1960) showing receipts and disbursements of the district and cash balances in the district's bank account. There is also correspondence, annual reports, petitions for redistricting, bond information, and financial aid requests.

Fischer School records, 1914-1958.

  • US ARC Pierce Series 31
  • collection
  • 1914-1958

[1] School District Records (1914-1958) containing minutes of school board meetings and accounts of receipts and expenditures; [2] Clerk's Papers (1934, 1956-1958) including directives from the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, teacher's annual reports, and other miscellaneous forms and papers; [3] Treasurer's Book (circa 1955-1958) showing receipts and disbursements; [4] Treasurer's Papers (1938-1958) containing bank book, statements, and canceled checks; and [5] School Registers (1924-1940, 1949-1953) including pupil attendance and work records, daily programs, visitor record, and state reading circle record.

Freier School records, 1953-1957.

  • US ARC Pierce Small Series 14
  • collection
  • 1953-1957

[1] Clerk's Record Book (1953-1957) containing accounts of cash disbursements and a breakdown by categories such as board salaries, teacher salaries, library books, etc.; and [2] Treasurer's Book (1955-1957) showing receipts and disbursements.

Glass Valley School records, 1867-1952.

  • US ARC Pierce Series 63
  • collection
  • 1867-1952

[1] Clerk's District Record Books (1905-1948) containing minutes of annual and board meetings, record of treasurer's orders drawn, teacher's contracts, school censuses, and annual reports; [2] Teachers' Registers (1867-1951) showing teachers' and pupils' names, attendance record, remarks concerning the promotion and progress of students, and a register of visitors; and [3] Treasurer's Records (1931-1952) showing receipts and disbursements, balance statements, and reports from the district.

Herbison School records, 1907-1953.

  • US ARC Pierce Series 153
  • collection
  • 1907-1953

Clerk's record book, 1927-1953, which contains school board minutes, financial records, and school census information; and two school registers, 1907-1914 and 1943-1947, which list pupils, work accomplished, and visitors to the school.

Herman Hillskotter financial records, 1899-1930.

  • US ARC River Falls SC 310
  • collection
  • 1899-1930

Financial journal of Herman Hillskotter from Town of Star Prairie, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, detailing farm expenses and income as well as dairy and grain prices, farm labor costs, and livestock records. Also included in the journal are financial records of the Town of Star Prairie, 1906-1918, when Hillskotter served as town clerk, and of School District No. 4, 1911-1916; a record of the number of feet of wood sawed per day, 1900-1903, at the B.B. Lumber Co. of Rhinelander, Wisconsin; and records, 1899-1900, from a boarding house which Hillskotter and his wife operated in Rhinelander, prior to moving to Star Prairie.

Hill and Dale School records, 1872-1957.

  • US ARC Pierce Series 43
  • collection
  • 1872-1957

[1] School District Record (1933-1940) containing minutes of district and board meetings, teachers' contracts, list of textbooks used, record of receipts and expenditures, and clerk's annual reports; [2] Treasurer's Book (1872-1911) showing receipts and disbursements; and [3] School Registers (1933-1957) including pupils' names, grades, and attendance records, visitors' register, daily programs, and state reading circle record.

Hudson, Wisconsin. Superintendent of Schools. Annual report of the city superintendent of schools, 1875 and 1880.

  • US ARC St. Croix Small Series 3
  • collection
  • 1875 and 1880

Annual report of the City Superintendent to the State Superintendent including statistics of children enrolled in school, days of attendance, number of teachers employed, salaries paid, and number of schools; financial statement; information on school houses and sites, school rooms and equipment, text-books used, libraries, and private schools not incorporated; special report of the high school; number of certificates granted; school census; teachers' reports; and teachers' meetings.

Iverson School records, 1878-1956.

  • US ARC Pierce Series 35
  • collection
  • 1878-1956

[1] School District Records (1878-1956) containing minutes of school board meetings, record of orders drawn on treasurers, school censuses, teachers contracts, clerks' annual reports, and financial records; and [2] School Registers (1935-1958) showing pupils names, standing and attendance records, daily programs, visitors record, and state reading circle record.

Joint School District No. 1, Towns of El Paso and Gilman, Pierce County, Wisconsin, records, 1867-1958.

  • US ARC Pierce Series 36
  • collection
  • 1867-1958

[1] School District Records (1916-1922, 1945-1958) containing minutes of school board meetings, register of school officers, treasurers' bonds, teachers contracts, financial records, and annual reports; [2] Treasurer's Books (1867-1958) showing receipts and expenditures; [3] pupil registers (1911-1914, 1916-1922); and [4] a librarian's book (1877-1921) recording books purchased.

Mero School records, 1940-1944.

  • US ARC Pierce Small Series 9
  • collection
  • 1940-1944

Attendance record and monthly and term summaries showing pupils' classification numbers, sex, age, names, and attendance; record of standing and report of work accomplished; daily program; record of visitors; state reading circle record; and lists of graduates.

Oak Ridge-Warrentown School records, 1942-1954.

  • US ARC Pierce Series 46
  • collection
  • 1942-1954

Correspondence (1942-1954), annual reports (1943-1952), school censuses (1942-1950), teachers' contracts (1945-1952), reports (1944-1945), treasurer's bonds (1944-1947), insurance policies (1942-1949), and financial papers (1942-1953).

South Rush River School records, 1869-1957.

  • US ARC Pierce Series 72
  • collection
  • 1869-1957

[1] Clerk's Record Books (1904-1913 and 1922-1956: 5 volumes) containing annual budget form showing receipts and disbursements, auditing committee reports, financial statements, teachers' contracts, minutes of school district and board meetings, and school censuses; [2] Teachers' Registers (1869-1874, 1889-1894, 1905-1915, and 1921-1953: 12 volumes) containing the names of pupils, attendance, and daily programs; [3] School censuses and annual reports (1924-1925 and 1937-1957); [4] District Treasurer's book (1872-1935) containing a record of receipts and disbursements; [5] Teacher's Annual Reports (1940-1947) containing pupils' names and grades; and [6] Clerk's tax papers (1945-1946 and 1949-1953).

Spring Grove School records, 1904-1957.

  • US ARC Pierce Series 67
  • collection
  • 1904-1957

Volume 1: School register (1907-1913), containing the Daily Program including teacher's comments and reports, Record of Attendance, incomplete list of graduates, and Visitor's Record. Loose papers consist of teacher's yearly reports (1911 and 1913), teacher's contract (1904) and a letter from the superintendent (1917). Volume 2: School District Record (1910-1957) containing minutes of school board meetings, register of orders drawn on treasurer, annual reports of the district board, annual school censuses, teachers' contracts, and account of current expense memoranda. Volume 3: Treasurer's Book (1920-1957) including receipts and expenditures register of clerk's orders paid by treasurer.

Waverly School record book, 1925-1944.

  • US ARC Pierce Series 157
  • collection
  • 1925-1944

District record book containing proceedings of annual meetings (1925-1943) and regular meetings (1926-1941); financial reports (1925-1944); and teacher contracts (1926-1944).